By Onumajuru Onyekachi Macsantos (Abia Writers)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
The world should kindly revisit the details of IPOB peaceful protest held in all Biafra provinces tagged “Operation no election in Biafra land” dated 23rd November 2018. The rally was generally peaceful irrespective of Nigeria police set up by trying to robe IPOB as a terrorist group by concocting nonexistent and fabricated stories to denigrate the innocent citizens of Biafra. The 23rd November 2018 frame up by Nigerian police has corroborated the previous notorious records and dark history of Nigerian police that earned them the worst and most corrupt police force in the world.

In Anambra State, Nnewi precisely where the police fermented trouble and tried to frame IPOB up by introducing fake stories after the peaceful protest, the security agents invaded people’s shops and homes, molested, intimidated and bullied traders. They arrested them from their shops and practically parading them as IPOB members. In their unsuccessful attempt to frame IPOB, the Inspector General of Police said in his press conference that IPOB laid an ambush for the police and attacked policemen, killed two, injured many and burnt their Hilux van.

After few hours of this report, the dead police resurrected from gutter full of muddy water after getting drunk on duty, till now Nigerian Police have not published the information of the dead and injured policemen. The police have publicly accused IPOB of killing and after finding out that the investigation was fake the inspector general of police never came out in public to apologize to IPOB.

Police in other countries of the world remains sleepless and restless in order to protect the lives and properties of their citizens, while Nigerian security agents are busy establishing lies, cooking fake news and false cases against IPOB and other poor citizens because the security agencies are customized platform to uproot Biafrans and their businesses, systematically.

It is high time the international community and the international criminal court questions and faults the barbaric strategy used to implicate and intimidate people they are made to protect. It is now a security protocol in Biafra land that citizens are not given a chance to express their right without molesting and jailing them illegally. A lot of bad water has passed under the security bridge both noticed and unnoticed. This very process is ongoing now in Biafra land. The world should impress it on them to release innocent citizens they illegally arrested and detained. If the situation is not civilly and carefully handled, it will trigger a revolution that will overhaul the whole of Africa.

Biafrans should team up in their various unions not to pay illegal levy to any security agent to address the issue of unlawful arrest and extortion from security agencies, bring out your time and challenge the illegality in Biafraland.

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