In the year of our Lord Chukwu Okike Abiama 2006, I was given a term paper to write by my H.O.D. Mr. Festus Igbikialagbor on the topic (Reason for the Epileptic Power supply in Nigeria) which prompted me to go into fact findings and my discoveries were heart-breaking. I combed through various websites until I stumbled upon an interesting read in the website of Nigerian Agip Oil Company and these are my findings.

A production site of Nigeria Agip Oil Company was facing power shortage for their daily production in Ahoada and they reported the problem to their parent Company abroad and a mandate was given by the parent company to build a power plant for them, when this project was completed, it was discovered that the facility in Ahoada could only utilized less than 5% of the total power output, leaving the remaining 95% output either dormant or wasted.

So, A. G. I. P. officials held a meeting to decide what to do with these excess powers so as not to waste them and a suggestion was made that all the neighbouring communities and the host community should be supplied power or light free of charge and the company bought the idea and decided to implement it. Now concerning the host community and its surrounding neighbours, life has always been bleak for its entire citizenry, these are people that has never known or enjoyed what is called light or power as they have never been connected to the national grid, their young men lived a daily life of queuing up at the A.G. I. P gate, scavenging and begging for menial jobs of cutting grasses and cleaning drainages and stacked scrap stores to survive.

Their young girls having no brothers nor financially capable parents to fend for them, took their destinies in their own hands by sleeping during the day and at nightfall’s queue up at various points along the community roads, dressed up in skimpy fashion, waiting for oil workers to carry them for the night at a fee agreed for sex. These were the daily life of a people who were blessed with good natural resources by Okike Himself.

When A. G. I. P finally implemented their promised power distribution, the effect and relief on the people and communities was applauding, as the unemployed young men established roadside welding workshops, barbing saloons, documents printing centres and any entrepreneurial establishment that can earn one a living, the young girls also stayed away from standpoints of prostitution and established beauty parlours, drinking and snacks shops, eateries, out of which many gained admissions into Tertiary institutions, dignities and respect returned back to an impoverished people.

One faithful day, for the first time in a very long while, after having enjoyed light for some time disaster struck. Not because of power generating equipment breakdown, but because of irrational policy implementation of a government insensitivity to the plight of her citizenry. A. G. I. P got a letter from National Electric Power Authority (N. E. P. A.) Ordering them to disconnect with immediate effect the host community and its surrounding neighbours from their power source and darkness, suffering and poverty returned.

The communities sent delegation to A. G. I. P to know why they have no power and A. G. I. P refused to respond due to threat from N. E. P. A that if they continued giving them light that their operational license will be withdrawn. So, the mothers of the communities gathered their musical instruments, cooking utensils and canopies, blocked A. G. I. P gate, which none went in and none came out throughout the day. The women stayed all night till the next day, then officials of A. G. I. P now asked the women to send ten delegates for discussion and the sad news was brokered to the women that Nigerian N. E. P. A ordered their immediate disconnection and that only them (N. E. P. A l) has the right to decide who gets connected and who gets disconnected.

Saddened by this report, these communities reported this matter to their sons who were militants and the militants convened a meeting and a decision was taken, that all gas pipeline supplying gas to N. E. P. A should be blown up to deny N. E. P. A facilities gas, since the host communities that produce the gas are not qualified to enjoy what their gas produced, and a militant called Governor Ogbologbolo was assigned the job to blow up all gas pipeline supplying gas to N. E. P. A.

That is why Nigeria cannot have steady power because as the governments keep repairing blown up gas pipelines, the militants keep blowing up new ones. That's why there is contract of pipeline security in the oil sector. The resource owners have never asked to be allowed to manage their resources but to be given a fair share as part of the federation but all to no avail. If what is Caesar's would be given to Caesar and what is God's being given to God, Nigeria will be a place of no peace.
Paraphrasing through the above analysis on the sad tale of the blessed people, one could clinch that even if you allow this abyss known as Nigeria today, to continue in existence as a contraption. There is no hope for the poor masses because the system was structured to subjugate the indigenous people. The Nigerian states hate the progress of her people. Biafra is the cure to this madness. Biafra is the only solution to this mess we found ourselves. Nigeria is a failed state and her solution is the total disintegration to other nations. Nigeria state hate progress and the indigenous people can’t continue in this unholy marriage known as Nigeria today anymore. Break Nigeria today and save lives. Biafra has indeed risen. All hail Biafra the children of light.

Written by:
Mazi Emmanuel Igbeagu

Edited by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo

For: Rivers State Media (Igweocha Province)

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
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