Niger Delta: Igbos Are Our Problem 

■ Author: Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 03, Dec. 2018

Often times, I do hear and see some unscrupulous Idiots from the so called south-south display their stupidity and ignorance saying that Igbos are their problem, Igbos are selfish, greedy, this and that; One of them said; "During the Nigeria~Biafra war in 1967, Many Igbos fleed to Niger Delta territory, mostly in Ikom(Cross River State), Dominated the area, Surveyed the land, and shared it among themselves, saying that "After the war, these portion of lands belongs to us".

I asked her "Where in Ikom did this thing happen? Because am also from Cross River. "I don't really know" she answered, I was told, she added; Who told you all these things? I asked, and then after much procastination, she directed me to inquire from an old man of barely 78years who witnessed the war; I went to him in loyalty and conversed with him; According to him, He said.

During the war, many Igbos fled to our territory here in Ikom, for safety from being killed, But am yet to vindicate the propaganda spraying that Igbos shared the lands which they dominated among themselves; According to the rumour, the beacon which they used to share the land is still mounted there till today with their individual names according to acclaimed ownership enscripted on it for identification.

Time will not permit me to table other things he told me in this article;
To keep you informed, yes I mean you claiming to be Niger Delta (South South)
How is an Igbo man your problem?
You have problem with importation of goods from abroad because you must to it through Lagos. Is it an Igbo man that closed down Calabar, Port-Harcourt and other seaports in South south?

You have problem travelling abroad outside the country, because you must firstly travel to Lagos and prepare your travelling documents; was it an Igbo man that closed down Calabar, Port-harcourt and other international airport in the so called south south?

Fulani Herdsmen are killing our people, Rapping our mothers and sisters, destroying our farmlands and contaminating our streams with their cows; Are they Igbos? Obudu cattle ranch that have been dominated by fulani, Are they Igbos?

The oil you said Igbos are coming to take over when Biafra comes; Even if that's the case, Are you presently in control of it?
There's recession in the country, economic hardship, insecurity, unemployment etc;
Buhari that brought all these things, Is he an Igbo man?
Are Igbos whom you claim is your problem not facing all these? Why do you hate Igbos who are trying to free you from slavery?

Well, that's a pure definition of mental slavery. (Mental slavery is the worst form of slavery because, it gives you an illusion of freedom, makes you love, trust and defend your oppressors, while making an enemy with those who are trying to free you/open your eyes).

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