It’s no longer news that the man in Aso Rock is not Mohammadu Buhari but an impostor from Sudan? A foreigner who can’t afford to feed very well is now regarded as his Excellency in the contraption called Nigeria. What a shame to the animal kingdom known as Nigeria. The man in Aso Rock must go back to Sudan or be jailed for impersonating the late tyrant Mohammadu Buhari. The man that ruled innocent Nigerians with iron hand. The man that hardly smile in pictures but this current impostor always smiles in each picture I see float over the social media. Indeed, Nigerians has been fooled for roughly 2 and half years the impostor from Sudan has ruling the animals in Nigeria. Very unfortunate that the cabal has deceived the gullible Nigerians into believing that Late Mohammadu Buhari is still alive.

The first lady of Nigeria Mrs Aisha Buhari has this to say during her speech in Buhari Project Achievement in Abuja

Read below her speech caught on a video clip which went viral over the social media platforms.

“As we did not buy vote. We form a government, the government that has overthrown an incumbent for the first time in the history of Nigeria. Afterword we are expected to have teamwork. We have a bit of teamwork but it was not full. All the achievement that has been listed for the past one month. People have been singing the song of achievement. We would have achieved that within one year of the administration. But it happens that we are dragging unto like this is the fourth year. So, we believe in teamwork and we believe in government of inclusiveness. People should not relent, people should continue to fight, continue to talk, to talk against the few that dominated the government.

Our votes were 15 point something million in the last year election (2015). And after that only for us to be dominated by two people. They kill us in the collective teamwork we have started, which is totally unacceptable. And if 15 point 4 million people can bring in a government and only for the government to be dominated by two or three people. Where are the men of Nigeria? Where are the Nigerian men? What are you doing? Instead of them to come together and fight them, they came visiting them one after the other licking their shoes. Am sorry to use that word. They should continue to say no because this is the future. Not of my age, not of my husband age but the future of our children and grandchildren. We are talking about better Nigeria. We are talking about Nigeria. Were all those that heard a brain drain that went to another country should come back participate in this country she concludes?

However, come to think of these statements of Mrs Aisha Buhari recently. Do you need a prophet to prophesy to you that Mohammadu Buhari is dead and buried? Or do need the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to continue overemphasising that the man in Aso Rock is not Buhari but Jubril Aminu Al – Sudani from Sudan. Do you now believe that the northern cabals are the ones holding everyone to ransom? Do you now believe that the cabals have fooled millions of Nigerian citizens for decade? How else do you want Mrs Aisha to tell Nigerians that her husband is late and cabals are holding everyone to ransom? I think you should listen and thank the IPOB leader for exposing the cabals’ evil plans against innocent citizens.

Think about the above statement of, Mrs Aisha Buhari; she has urged everyone to continue fighting and never relenting until those holding us to ransom leave us. We the indigenous people of Biafra are very determined and focused. We have vowed to boycott the 2019 general election until a referendum date is given to us. Two or three evil men in Nigeria cannot mortgage our future any longer. Is either they let us go peacefully or in pieces each of this must happen because Biafra freedom is not negotiable. 

Another core Muslim lady voiced out and urged everyone not to vote or take money from these selfish politicians who goes around sharing blood money to innocent citizens to forever enslave the innocent citizens of the country. The politicians don’t care about our wellbeing but our vote.

Scripted from a video clip posted on a Facebook page > Gossip Mill Biafra <

About two months to election, the ruling party is going around sharing money in the form of trade money. Series of questions to ask these criminal politicians in Nigeria. 

I want you to ask them, when they come to you and they give you that money;
  • Where were they when you couldn’t afford to buy food?
  • Where were they when your child was sent home because of school fees and you couldn’t afford to pay the school fees and your child has to miss so many days in school because you couldn’t afford to pay their school fees? Ask them!
  • Where were they when the money you use to earn that was enough to feed the family for a month but could no- longer feed the family for two weeks. Ask them!
  • Where were they all these years, over three years when hardship hints the land? When insecurity hints the land and you couldn’t afford so many things that you could afford before. Where were they? They were nowhere to be found.

 Now it is time for election, and they go around under the disgust of trade and money. Giving people 10 thousand naira.

  • 10 thousand naira to mortgage your life.
  • 10 thousand naira to mortgage the life of your child.
  • 10 thousand naira to mortgage the lives of your unborn generation.
  • 10 thousand naira to be enslave forever.
  • 10 thousand naira for you to be kept down and your child not to have good quality of education. When they give you 10 thousand naira? Ask them?

 Ask them what about your children who are in the university, who are at home because Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is on strike? 
  • When they come with the 10 thousand naira. Ask them? 
  • What will you do with 10 thousand naira when your children are back from school? 
  • When they want to graduate and get good job and to be able to take care of themselves. And also, you and the rest of the family. 
  • What will 10 thousand naira do? 
  • When they come to you with that money. Ask them?

Don’t be fooled, is all about election, and you matter but to them you are not a human being. The only thing you are good for is your thumbprint and that is what they care for. And that is why, a few months to election; they come to you with 10 thousand naira. All the while you cried for they never listened. They closed their doors and turned their back on you. THINK WELL her last word to the citizens of Nigeria.

The indigenous people are not relenting until this contraption is destroyed totally and the nation of Biafra restored. A word is enough for the wise. No more voting in Biafraland until a date of Referendum is given.  All hail Biafra the children of the light.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Rivers State Media 

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media
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