No one could be said to be a failure until he/she considers someone else his/she problem. Buhari considered President Goodluck Jonathan his problem all through the four years of his vindictive regime which got him and the contraption (Nigeria) into worst negative ratings. Nigerians has no one to blame than to blame the Hausa Fulani Islamic fundamentalists that have wrecked down Nigeria through their vicious circle anti Biafra policies as they are coached by Britain.

Nigeria is backward today because Hausa Fulani illiterate and unprogressive oligarchies are blind and lack the capacity to run a nation with healthy political-economy policies. There is bank of scientific facts that points at Nigeria as a land of unlimited opportunities, well endowed with vast natural resources which the Hausa Fulani domination on the oil and gas in Biafra land and governance has destroyed the positive future for the dying country.

Well, I considered what is going on in Nigeria under Hausa Fulani people as a paradox, a blessed land like Nigeria yet her citizens still live for below poverty line. Nigeria is backward not because black people are backward but because Hausa Fulani people don’t know what governance is all about. A blind man has no value for the treasure around him, which is why an expatriate refers to Nigeria as a country that money can be seen on the street yet the people are blind. Why are Nigerian people blind? Nigeria is blind because blind people have been ruling over her from the word go, and Hausa Fulani illiterates have been in control of Nigeria for decades.

From all indication, it is time to come out of the deplorable state and positively change our identity as a people. Now is the time to take our destinies in our hands and make most of it. In my opinion, Biafra restoration is the only sure way out of the nonsense called Nigeria. Biafra will value lives, it will be operative, productive and a committed nation. And it will be a country to be governed by human and not a dummy like Nigeria. For any country to move forward, a mover most be in control to move the said country to a greater height. Biafra will be engineered by seasoned technocrats with proven track record of excellence.

Written by:
Ben Nnadi
For: Rivers State Media 

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media
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