We must continue to depict the atrocities and abominations of the representatives of Satan here on earth called Britain, both pictorially and verbally.

The greed, covetousness, barbarism, ruthlessness and brutality of Britain has pushed the predatory Britain into doing the most reprehensible and unimaginable, just to confiscate people's resources, just for their own survival and sustenance

This uncontrollable appetite and addiction to living on the sweat and blood of others made Britain become so desperate that they went about the whole world, unleashing mayhem in the form of mindless mass deaths on various nations (genocide), to the point that Britain became synonymous with genocide.

The pathetic, pitiable, and painful cases of Australia, Bangladesh, China, and India are still fresh in mind, as Britain attempted to wipe out, or literally wiped out a great percentage of the populations, either for acquiring or appropriating their resources, or occupying, possessing, and inheriting their land in perpetuity (as in Australia).

But the most recent of the British atrocities, of which the impact is still reverberating all over the world, is the British genocide against Biafra, (which Britain used Nigeria to commit, and misled the world into branding the Biafra genocide as the Nigeria civil war), in which Britain murdered over 6 million Biafrans, using heavy weaponry from Russia, and "starvation as a weapon of war".

It must be clarified and emphasized that why Britain would go into this mindless massacre of Biafrans, using Nigeria as a cover, was to subdue, suppress, and silence Biafra, while using the cover of ONE NIGERIA to acquire, occupy, and possess the land of Biafra, with its enormous natural resources, while blockading Biafrans from the benefit of the blessedness of their land. This is the meaning of the criminal British maxim called ONE NIGERIA.

It is because of this one Nigeria that Britain has been foisting all kinds of absurdities on the evil enclave called Nigeria, especially imposing savages, barbarians, and anarchists as leaders of the fraudulent concoction called Nigeria, so that they can easily use the barbarians for their dirty job of endless killing of Biafrans.

It is also because of the aberration called one Nigeria that Britain that "brought Christianity to Biafra" would insist that the Muslims who constitute existential danger to Christians, would be forced coexist in the same cage (country) with Christians.

It is the same criminal hypocrisy of one Nigeria that would make Britain to heavily arm the Muslims that rejected their "Christianity" to wipe out the Biafrans that wholly, wholesomely, whole heartedly, and holistically accepted their "Christianity".

It is equally this wickedness called one Nigeria that would make Britain to resist vehemently and resiliently the Biafra call for referendum, so as to enable, or facilitate a peaceful separation from the toxic cauldron called Nigeria. This, the parasitic and predatory Britain is shamelessly doing, despite its own recent #Brexit and Scotland referenda.

But the most mind-boggling act of desperation, which remains as unprecedented as it is monumental, and which will certainly be the waterloo of Britain, is the current act of impunity, daylight robbery, dehumanization, and disdain, which the British forgery and imposition of a foreign impostor as a president on Nigeria represents.

For the avoidance of ambiguity, or any confusion of any kind, let it be stated clearly that Mohammadu Buhari, who, despite being a treasonable felon, certificateless candidate, and World known terrorism sponsor, was imposed on Nigeria as president, by Britain, died in January 2017. Because of the vested economic interest of Britain in Nigeria (which centres mainly on Biafra OIL AND GAS), Britain went and recruited a Buhari's look alike, (Jubril Aminu from Sudan), performed some plastic surgery on him, and brought him, through the gangsters (Nigeria government) that act as their agents, to impersonate the late Buhari, and act in his stead. This heinous crime by the barbaric and predatory British government is currently raising very dangerous dust all over the world. The possibility of Britain surviving the catastrophic effects of this international impunitious robbery is very remote, if it so be that it is existing at all.

As it can be seen by keen observers, the incoherence, the disconcordance, the unsettlement, the disjointedness, the dislocation, and the confusion that have presently enveloped the evil Britain, as well as their abominable creation, Nigeria, are a confirmation of their march to their grave.

Because of these and other numerous unmentioned acts of British inhumanity, Britain remains irreversibly and irrevocably cursed, as the world will CERTAINLY WITNESS the doom that will befall the murderous Britain.

Biafrans cannot afford not to keep in focus the imminent Biafra refer

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwo
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media
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