I would like to devote whole lot of time here to talk on this issue of Biafran Jews and the ongoing Bia-Israel relationship. My passion to talk of this area of the struggle lies on the fact that many Biafrans though love Nnamdi Kanu and their homeland (Biafra), seem not to really understand how many things within the struggle diplomatic circuit work. I understand the cause of this naivety as people under vicious attack of annihilation will be less interested on other issues that are not economic oriented. Such is the mental state of Biafrans all over the world! Everyone “na agba mbo ka erie nri”. That is how degrading the zoo has kept us into.

Though too many individuals had claimed to have “mandated” and “road map” of how Biafra will be “actualized”, “restored” and even “legally” gotten, but most impostors when exposed to the screen of achievements and policy analysis often times are just mere noise makers. I stand to be countered if my position stands contrary to truth and fact. I will not wish to appraise various individuals’ “strategies”, “road maps” or what I may term building material strategy, but I do know that the people understand who their leader is and who has staked all for them.

I wish to make a review of what and where Nnamdi Kanu has taken us so far in our collective quest for Biafra. I chose to write on this interest path because I do understand how information is presently scarce within the IPOB internal structure. Those who tend not to understand where we are today, often times are left to the deadly hands of false news peddlers of this and that. If there is anything we must appreciate today as the Biafran people, we must thank ChiukwuOkikeAbiama for the wisdom and Grace to have access to the state of Israel.  This is the great diplomatic breakthrough we have made that makes Biafra achievable. Yes, you heard me well! I said Biafra achievable!!

What no one has explained to me is how Nnamdi Kanu less than a decade got to accessed this great diplomatic breakthrough that many countries of the world are lobbying heavily to have. Having Israel beside one’s people is like having the world beside you. Hey! I am not talking the theocratic Israel story and assets here, I am going to talk to you on the canal Israel assets that when you are opportune to have, you already have the world beside you. Most of us know the peripheral Israel or better say, the godly Israel but lack knowledge of the Israel in Israel.  That I would explain later.  I think we are seeing less, what Nnamdi Kanu has achieved for us in his Bia-Israel relationship project. 

In my attempt to proffer solution in the above question, I will avoid and block off any effort by anyone here to see the theocracy Israel rather a secular Israel like other nations of the earth. There too many things that make Israel what she is today. Those things are what many nations are lobbying to enjoy from Israel, including her enemies. So, if countries in northern hemisphere could lobby heavily to have Israel’s attention and we got it with less lobbying, we must be grateful to God for such great privilege. Below are some of the things that make Israel terror to her enemies which Nigeria presently is the third after Iran and Pakistan. Like the above comatose states, Nigeria must go down! You can call all the political clergymen for futile prayers.

Israel is the leading country in terms of both artificial and non-artificial intelligence. From Americas down to Europe, to Gulf States, Israel Intelligence Company has been contributing immensely for the security of these countries. Do you know how many suicide attempts that were foiled in these countries’ courtesy of Israel intelligence sharing? Both America NSA and British GCHQ are to a reasonable height privy to Israel intelligence assistance. Apart from the agencies I mentioned earlier, there are various unpopular agencies heavily undertaking Israel’s security coverage.

For instance, it takes Israel’s security protection for Saudi Arabia to remain today. I hope such information is not pushing you down! But that is how it is. Biafra having such friend (Israel) which many nations are begging to have is a great opportunity. I think we should get it right by replicating Israel form of intelligence in ourselves. Until Israel form of scooping, eavesdropping and infiltration is replicated in us as group (IPOB), as a people (Biafrans) and as agency (BSS and M-Branch), we will end up wasting our time or underutilizing this great open door. If sophisticated Israeli intelligence system is infused in us as a group and people, believe you me, Nigeria will be crumbled overnight.

We must not miss this great and uncommon opportunity that Nnamdi Kanu has proffered for us. The worries of Britain and Nigeria presently is how they allowed Nnamdi Kanu activate this pathway to success. I understand to a length, how Israel works especially within her intelligence circles which I think should be allowed to get settled within us. Israel’s less talk and much action policy are healthy for us. Also, her deleting processes should be appreciated and allowed to settle and most seriously, our IT experts should be allowed to scoop and eavesdropped on Aso Rock. Though I understand that the latter is really effective as many press statements by Emma Powerful has proven. But I think we should scoop and eavesdrop on Nigeria till they go dumb.

Our birds should be encouraged to infiltrate more in various levels of Nigerian activities. Though we have done noble on this, but I think more birds are needed to get rid of the contraption quicker. I sometime feel for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as he denies himself sleep often times making sure that every department works without delay. That is a great leader from God to His people. I will be looking into other great things that make Israel great in next write up.  I think we must all sit up for the present stage of the struggle which is more of “operation Sampson” than “Operation John de Baptist”. Ndewonu!

Written by:
Chika Austin
For: Imo State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: lmo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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