Do not be deceived by anyone who tells you that Biafra project is presently at local politics regulation. Such submission could be said to be an unbalanced truth (in a kind expression).  Sincerely speaking, Biafrans especially IPOB has done well in playing the game from local dynamism to global dynamism. Though it is worth celebrating stage, but I tell you in all honesty that this stage is too risky as Biafra project could experience either mission creed or stalemate if human resources are lacked in engineering the diplomatic face of the struggle. The human resources here is not anyone, rather those who understand negotiation craft and skills to manoeuvre the complex environment to our favour.

We have proven and still proving to the world that we are fed up with the evil entity called Nigeria. But mind you the world needs you on round table to understand how much you want her to commit in the project and how secured is her commitment will be in the project. It is called diplomatic engagement which peripheral understanding will not allow you see. What is made up IPOB diplomatic team is what I don’t really know, but I do think various breakthroughs made by IPOB diplomatically point the fact that those on the diplomatic wing are doing noble.

I do hear some critics of IPOB arguing that IPOB choice of going east (Israel) and Jewish amounts to diplomatic self-foot shooting. Those on that line of argument further alleges that such obvious footprint will costs IPOB supports from other countries which would have giving her support to withdraw. The neutrality theorists claim that those countries whose countries are sympathetic to anti-Semitic movements will respond to Biafra project in same light, thereby slowing down Biafra restoration.

E.H Carr (A British Historian) said in one of his work titled “What is History) that “opinion is free, fact is sacred”. Looking at the above assertion of the “neutral disciples”, one would understand that the beauty of such argument only lies on “opinion” but deeply bereft of “fact”. Yes, it is bereft of fact on the premise that there is nothing like “none align”, “neutrality” in international system in real sense of it. Show I a neutral or none align state, and I will show you her active participation and aligning. Even Switzerland in her much trumpeted “neutrality” was seem this year taking side with the corrupt Nigeria in denying Biafrans Visa for UN visit. So why would anyone expect IPOB to lead Biafrans on aberration called “neutrality” while pursuing Biafra. Deception from pit of hell! It is not just identifying with friends, rather by all wisdom choosing the right friends.

This has common thing in common, that is their hatred for United State of America hegemonic power and their resolved to weaken Israel via the Palestinian affair. They sponsor and sympathize with Hezbollah, Hamas and other anti US and Israel ideas all over the world. Despite their differences, the fact that they agreed in consensus that US and Israel must be destroyed, the move on. While Russia and china exports their arms and experts to Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Nigeria, the rest of group mates of this team are just there to carry out the operation against US and Israel.

IPOB friendship with Israel as currently seen will pose a great threat of these team supports to Biafra. Russia and China though could be accessible diplomatically with good diplomatic pressure as Russia presently is entangled with Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela quagmire, she would not want to get herself everywhere at the same time. Russia unlike US doesn’t have those resources to overstretch herself into international conflicts at the same time. In Syria, she has withdrawn up to 90% percent of her aircrafts in the operation to redeploy the resources on internal economic turmoil raising its head. If Russia should be pressured to give support to Nigeria against Biafrans, she would only wish to give material supports and nothing more.

If IPOB chooses to lobby Russia, such move will be a good one that must be played with Britain. IPOB needs to stake Britain here as a presentation. Russia will not be much interested in any other thing than letting her understand that Biafra emergence is the end of British survival as most of resources Britain survive with comes from Biafraland. This Russia would be quite glad to explore as Putin led Russia hates Britain with her DNA. Russia will not only want to see Britain starved of the stolen Biafran resources, but also balkanised as Britain supported in her defunct USSR. To me, such presentation and others deemed necessary will be saleable to Russia.

China on her own would not want to get herself dragged into another confrontation with US as the ongoing economic war between her and US has slowed down her economic growth to a reasonable measure. She understands how dangerous it is to engage in such voyage. Though her constitution doesn’t allow her meddle in ones “internal problem”, but we have equally seen china in South Sudan crises though under UN peacekeeping pretence. Here Biafrans have greater opportunity to penetrate China than Nigeria. What is known today as Nigeria-China relationship is sustained by trade between Biafrans and Chinese in a true sense of it. With this already activated contact, Chinese government will understand that the end of Nigeria doesn’t in anyway serves as a threat to her trade.

For Iran and Pakistan, it will be so difficult to scale through as their hatred for Jews and Christians is deep. They would rather wish to remain neutral than to support Biafra against Nigeria. Come to reality, the two only enjoy influence in Afghanistan, Taliban, Hezbollah and Hamas. Within the Sahel region of Africa, they are nowhere to be found. Iran effort to get a serious footprint in Africa via Somalia Al-Shabaab was weakened heavily by US operation. And in Sudan, Israel made sure Iran never enjoyed a safe landing there. With the present Israel relationship with many African states, any attempt by Iran, Turkey and Pakistan to smuggle arms to Nigeria will be tracked down!

This is the possible team we have fall into. Though my position here is 100% private view, I arrived at this assertion based on the unfolding of events. Today, US have taken the lead to tell the entire globe that Nigeria end is fast approaching. The heavy hit she gave Nigeria was to refuse to accept her tagging of Biafrans terrorists. US position forced many countries like Britain to dump their secret plan of unleashing hell on IPOB. US didn’t only snub the idea of terrorism; she went far as refusing to release an already paid Tucano Jets to Nigeria government. She equally put up a heavy pressure on International Criminal Court (ICC) to start the prosecution of the murderous Nigerian Army. Today, Nigeria is finding it so difficult to be marketed in US as the recent New York Times release and Nnamdi Kanu’s unmasking of the Sudanese impostor brought Nigeria PR in US to a zero level. Nigeria feels shocked that US could pressure Interpol and international immigration agencies to allow Nnamdi Kanu travel from Nigeria to Israel without papers. To Nigeria, it is a huge stab but to US and Israel, it is an evidence of what is to come!

Israel on her own side is dealing with Nigeria through her neighbours. Chad, Niger, Mali, Togo, Ghana and others are now strong allies to Israel. What I don’t know is where this “Holy alliance” will lead to. Will Nigeria be bombed by Israel one day under search of Hezbollah and Hamas members in Abuja or will these allies do it for Israel? Time will tell. If we should go by history, Iraq of Saddam Hussein was playing as Nigeria is playing over Israel years back. She was attacking Israel in UN just as Nigeria is doing today; Israel never joined her in verbal rants but made sure today Iraq is weakened beyond repair. Today in Iraq, to nations exist (the Kurdish and Iraq). Both own their government and military. Israel for a day never joined the finished Saddam into rhetoric neither did Israel did the battle on newspaper page. So, when you think Israel is not or will not respond to Nigeria drunkenness of the day, please study your history well.

To Saudi Arabia, what is much important to her is to protect the dynasty of the monarch which Iran wants to bring to an end by every available means. The ruling family understands how volatile the kingdom is today due to the Arab Spring that passed the region. In Bahrain, Iran funded heavily various protests that nearly collapsed the Monarch there if not Saudi Arabia military intervention. To Saud family, Iran poses a danger that must not be approach with kid’s glove. The ruling family understands their backwardness in making for themselves, those technologies needed to repel Iran conspiracies against the kingdom. So, with less interest on age long Muslim mindset towards Israel, the ruling family decided to humble herself to Israel in other to get her territory and the family secured.

Saudi today is secured and shielded by Israel lobbyists who are major influences in Capitol Hill and Oval office. Most things Saudi Arabia did and went free today, are because of Israel help. For instance, the killing of the journalist in Turkey would have sink the ruling family if not Israel’s intervention and pressure internationally. This is why Saudi Arabia would not mind exchanging Palestinians for Israel’s security. If Saudi Arabia could look the other way on Palestinians issue just not to offend Israel, do you think she can stake more on Nigeria that is picking war with Israel? NO! Please help me tell Abuja and foolish Nigerians that their days are numbered!

No! This is not enough for us as we should not expect auto-freedom. We must prepare our minds for anything. Yes, I mean anything! While the Kurdish was armed by Israel, they did the liberation by themselves. No Israeli soldier fought for them. We must be ready for fighting through our freedom if the need arises and source of materials are assured. If we could sustain the struggle without defensive materiel, we will equally do better when giving accessed to that material.
Finally, I deliberately decided not to reflect Britain here because I do understand that Britain has lot of domestic threats emanating from the Brexit. She is already too busy with terrible economic state to think of external engagement.

Written by:
Chika Austin
For: Imo State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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