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■ 10 , Dec. 2018

Umuchiukwu Writers media welcome you Biafrans, friends of Biafra, lovers of Freedom, haters of Biafra and every sound mind around the world to this week news analysis, in another hand we want you to notify your friends, family, and well-wishers to this platform in order to get accurate update on current happenings, in Biafra struggle and in the murderous establishment called Nigeria.

I Created States To Avoid Biafra Break Away From Nigeria, Yakubu Gowon Stated

Former military Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon has revealed why he created states in the country during his regime.

He said the creation of states became imperative following fears by minority ethnic groups in the country that the majority ones would swallow them up,
He added also that it was done to douse the fears of the country’s breakup.

This proves that Nigeria can never survive without been parasite in the blessed land of Biafra, since the creation of this murderous establishment called Nigeria by a British man known as Frederick Lugard, Nigeria has been feeding on Biafran resources, that's why Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani will fight with their last blood not to let Nigeria break instead they will introduce a divide and rule tactics as Gowon reaffirm it in his statement.

Rivers State was created out of the former Eastern Region (Biafra) on 27th May 1967 by the then regime of General Yakubu Gowon Bayelsa State was carved out of it in the state creation exercise of 1996.

Meanwhile Gowon did this just to create discrimination between Igbo speaking Biafrans  and our brothers from the Riverine area of Biafra land, now they have come to realize that we all are the same through the help of the gospel of Our great Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) via Radio Biafra, the Era of divide and rule is long gone we have to realize we are all the same people. 

IPOB tackles Asari Dokubo over comments on an election boycott

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has picked holes in a statement credited to a Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo, which said that boycott of 2019 general elections by the south-east and the south-south will not help the Biafra cause.

IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu had urged IPOB supporters and sympathizers in the Old Eastern geopolitical zone which is today known as southeast and South-South to shun the 2019 general elections unless the Federal Government announced a date for Biafra referendum.

But Asari Dokubo had expressed disagreement over the call for the boycott of the 2019 general elections by Nnamdi Kanu, Dokubo had argued that heeding Kanu’s advice was suicidal since it would be tantamount to empowering those opposed to the Biafra aspirations with resources from the national treasury to frustrate the people’s struggle.

Dokubo went further to point out that pro-independent agitators in Spain, Scotland, and Palestine contested elections and won seats into political offices in a bid to push their agenda rather than boycott general elections in their respective nations.

Kanu’s deputy, Uche Mefor has picked holes with Dokubo’s position.

According to a statement by Uche Mefor, Deputy Leader of IPOB, “Whether Catalonia, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Hamas, used the election to control their territories or not, that is their business.

Their examples are incongruent and serve no purpose in our circumstance as it stands, On our part, IPOB has taken a decision to use civil disobedience manifesting in so many ways including election boycott and that we must do.

Why then are those who claim to be Biafra freedom fighters not fighting like Hamas, IRA, etc if citing them is a standard?”

Meanwhile, Umuchiukwu Writers Media want to use this podium to add some point base on what our amiable deputy leader Mazi Uche Mefor said in order to educate Asari Dokubo that electoral means of freedom is null and void in the Nigeria structure, firstly vote doesn't count in Nigeria right from the onset, so how can vote remove a known murderous individual?

Recall that Buhari said a few years ago before his death that if he fails in election that the blood of monkeys and Baboon will flow everywhere in the country, not even the cabal would accept a defeat of Jubril the impostor, there is no way they will allow anyone to be in that seat he is occupying now illegally, even if he fails in this coming election in 2019 they wouldn't give up easily because they are Murderous Fulani Men that love killing Innocent people.

It is on record that General Emeka Ojukwu's elections were rigged constantly because he is a Biafran leader.

An election boycott is the only means to send a strong signal and force those political elites to listen to the masses voice calling for a Biafra Referendum.

Election Boycott: INEC Begs Anambra Residents To Collect Their Voter's Card As 160,000 PVCs Abandoned

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has lamented that about 160,000 permanent voters’ cards, PVCs, belonging to Anambra people were still lying uncollected in their offices.

The State Resident Electoral Commissioner Dr. Nkwachukwu Orji stated this during a meeting with political parties, Civil society Organizations, the Media and other relevant agencies in Awka.

Orji, who lamented the lukewarm attitude of registered members in collecting their Permanent Voter Cards, disclosed that out of 220,000 PVC’s produced by the commission only 60,000 have been collected.

Now the Nigeria Government and the world at large has confirmed that Biafran people are ever ready to obey and honour the orders of Nnamdi Kanu in order to achieve Biafra freedom.

Recall that IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has called for total boycott of election in Nigeria till the Federal Government give us a date for Biafra Referendum, Nnamdi Kanu is the mouthpiece of the masses, whatever he said Okike (Creator ) ask him to do so, Nigeria Government has no other option than to let Biafrans have independence otherwise, Biafrans will continue using civil disobedience to destroy Nigeria completely.

Come 2019 Nigeria election will be boycotted no matter whatever the Nigeria government do, the only option left is to let Biafrans go because self-determination is our right.

Nepotism is corruption, the US Tells Nigeria

The United States Embassy in Nigeria has pointed out that corruption is not limited to diversion of funds but includes a wide range of other infractions, among which is nepotism.

In a Facebook post, it made on Friday, the US Embassy noted that instances where public funds were diverted to personal accounts and where a public officer unfairly gives jobs to relatives were tantamount to corruption.

The US Embassy’s descriptions on corruption did set the tone for Nigerians who commented on the post with their own experiences of corruption in the country.

In her own description, Osayande Osarumwense equated corruption to nepotism, disobedience to the rule of law and anti-corruption agencies turning away from investigating the $5 million bribery allegation against Governor Abdullahi Ganduje (of Kano State).
While Chibueze Steve described corruption as inflation of public contracts, Isaac Ehi likened graft to when government appointment is tilted towards a particular geopolitical zone or ethnic group in the country.

The world has began to understand that Nigeria is devilish country, a country who claims to be in democracy but always disobey rule of law, recall that Dasuki and Zakyzaky has been granted bail by court of jurisdiction many times still the president refuses to free those granted bail by court but claim their government is under democracy, Nigeria is a shame to world. The only way forward is to divide the country in order to allow the people choose a right way to live in their own country, that is main reason IPOB is in the forefront of fighting for Biafra freedom.

Truly, An Impostor Presides Over The Affairs Of Nigeria — Bishop Lekan

The founder and general overseer of Believers Faith House Assembly in Ikeja, Bishop Adewale Lekan has supported Kanu’s claim that the man who presides over the affairs of Nigeria as president is an impostor posing as president Muhammadu Buhari.

Bishop Lekan, who spoke during a prayer meeting, said he saw in a vision that President Muhammadu Buhari died just like Nnamdi Kanu the IPOB leader said.

“Only men of vision and understanding will see and accept that the Man in Aso Rock is not the Buhari we knew.”

“It is being ignored because someone whom the country hates so much, revealed it for the first time, the truth is that the person we are addressing as president is not the man we voted for.”

“Nigeria is being governed by an impostor, a foreigner smuggled in and imposed on us by politicians who are so desperate to stay in power. We should not ignore it. ”

Speaking further, the Bishop said: “Today I curse whoever is part of this plan, and those who know it but do not want to say it out. Their families and generations are cursed forever.”

After a series of facts and figures released by our able leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the IPOB to prove the man in Aso Rock Is Jubril, many pastors and others are beginning to wake up from their slumber, it is now abundantly clear that Nnamdi Kanu is truly sent by Okike (Creator), all the words and prophecies by Nnamdi Kanu has come true and the world is beginning to affirm he is God's chosen one, the man in Aso Rock is an imposter and he must be arrested for impersonating late evil president Mohammadu Buhari.

Jubril of Sudan: Oyedepo replies presidency, says ‘dead Buhari statement does not hate speech’

The General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has mocked critics urging him to withdraw his statement concerning the President Muhammadu Buhari being dead and cloned as Jubril Sudan.

Oyedepo had last week while reacting to report that Buhari was dead and the President in Aso Rock was Jubril El Sudan, urged the congregation to pray to God to deliver Nigeria from slavery, shame, and reproach as the report of alleged cloning was disturbing.

However, speaking from Living Faith church HQ at Canaan land, Ota, on Saturday, Oyedepo vowed not to withdraw his statement because it was not a hate speech.

According to him, his statement was a self-esteem speech.

The cleric said, “I have never been asked to withdraw a statement in the past but today they are saying it is hate speech.

“That is no hate speech, it is self-esteem speech; someone is stepping on toes and you say it is hate speech?

“Why will I withdraw my statement? God sent me and not you. You fear the one God sent and not any other because I have dominion.”

This is another confirmation that Nigeria is a place where those that say the truth are always hunted by Nigeria government, the truth remains that Jubril is an imposter from Sudan to replace the late Nigeria president Mohammadu Buhari by the Cabal for the purpose of Fulani people to continue to be in seat of power, Jubril must be arrested and scrutinize  that's the only way to confirm what Nnamdi Kanu is saying.

75 Political Parties Threaten To Boycott 2019 Polls

The chairmen of 75 political parties under the auspices of Inter-party Advisory Council (IPAC) on Wednesday 5th Dec. 2018, threatened to boycott the 2019 general elections if the new amendment to the Electoral Act is not assented to by the president.

The chairmen who passed a vote of no confidence on the Chief Peter Ameh-led IPAC leadership promised to work closely with the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof Mahmood Yakubu, to ensure free and fair elections in 2019.

The masses have the right to boycott Nigeria election so vote is not by force, this is their avenue to register their  displeasure on the issue of the  murderous entity called Nigeria, as you can see all political parties in Nigeria has confirmed that Election boycott is only way forward because if we fail to boycott 2019 election it will result to many killings around the country by the murderous ruling party , APC led administration.

2019: We'll sanction Igbos who travel to East during the election

Northern Igbo Group under the aegis of Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA) has warned all Igbos based in Northern Nigeria and Abuja to stop running away from their bases during general elections, Dailytrust reports.

This is even as the group vowed to fine Igbos who traveled to Southeast during the election.

In a communiqué issued after a one-day extraordinary meeting in Kaduna by its President-General and Secretary-General, Chief Chikezie Nwogu and Comrade Auston Ofokansi Ifedinezi respectively, it stated that Igbos in the north must remain in their bases to contribute to the political development of those areas.

“We want our people to stay in their respective states and cast their votes. The era of running home during elections cannot be tolerated again.

“There is no need for us to go home at every election because if you do that you will automatically disenfranchise yourself.

“We have done a lot of sensitization, we have also educated our people on this and we all agreed, that is why we decided to place an embargo and if you travel, IDA will fine such person(s),” the group stated

Every sensible human being knows that there is something dishonest in the minds of all the executives of these groups that signed this communiqué, they have been bought by Nigeria politicians to use their position to muscle their members to participate in Nigeria vote which doesn't count.

In another hand voting shouldn't be a do or die affair, it is an avenue for Citizens to make their choice via voting the candidate they wish to be in political position via ballot box also every citizen has the undeniable right to boycott every election in Nigeria because vote doesn't count in Nigeria right from creation of the country till date.

The leaders of these groups should be seen as traitors to Igbos and Biafran people as a whole, in no distance time they will all pay dearly for betraying our collective interest in the hands of Hausa Fulani politicians.

Nnamdi Kanu reveals how Aisha Buhari admitted her husband is dead, names people who brought Jubril

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has commended the wife of late President Buhari, Aisha for her statement that revealed two powerful people controlling the affairs of Buhari led government.

Media earlier reported that Aisha on Tuesday said two powerful people were frustrating her husband’s effort in running the affairs of the country.
She, however, failed to mention the names of the powerful persons.
But Nnamdi Kanu in a live broadcast on Saturday commended Aisha for speaking against the ills in her husband’s administration while condemning the likes of Oby Ezekwesili and other activists.

The Biafran leader also disclosed that Abba Kyari and Mamman Daura are the two men frustrating Buhari's government and responsible for bringing Jubril of Sudan to Aso Rock.

He said: “Why have Oby Ezekwesili and so-called activists not asked the government about those two people running the cabinets?

“Common sense is not common in the zoo called Nigeria, why are people not outraged that two men are holding people hostage?

“I have renewed respect for Aisha Buhari over her latest statement at a conference organized by Project 4+4 in Abuja on Tuesday and also women like Patience Jonathan, Dora Akunyili and Okonjo Iweala.

“These women sometimes make me think Nigeria would have been a better place if a woman was the president.

“It will be better for Nigerians to vote Aisha Buhari to be the President, she is very bold, truthful, frank and upright same as Patience Jonathan.

“Considering what Aisha Buhari said, ask yourself, will she speak that way if her husband was still alive and not dead?

“Aisha Buhari is basically asking Nigerians to rise up in a revolution because those people are now in charge. The question to ask her is ‘where is your husband?

“Her statement is unbelievable, where are the men meant to stand up against these two people.

“Also at the event was the wife of ‘cowardly’ vice president, Yemi Osinbajo who should be swept away. Osinbajo is a spineless coward, not a human being.

“If Aisha had an opportunity, she would be harsher than I am, you see why I say Nigerian men are cowards, see what a woman is saying.

“Look at Aisha Buhari telling elites to get up and do something about the government. Since men cannot do anything Aisha urged women to fight.

“Aisha Buhari named two men in control of Nigeria, those men are Abba kyari and Mamman Daura. Those two people are ruling 180m Nigerians and responsible for bringing Jubril from Sudan to Nigeria.

“These two men went to Sudan to replace Buhari because they wanted to retain power.

“Aisha is telling you in coded language that her husband is no longer in Aso Rock, Nigerians should wake up. Recall her speech in 2016 where she said her man, it was at that stage that the idea of getting a replacement for Buhari arose.

“From Abba Kyari to Sultan of Sokoto, God will punish you all for your evil acts.”

Meanwhile, Ashia Buhari calls for a revolution in Nigeria, this confirms that the man in Aso Rock is not her husband but an impostor from Sudan parading as Late Mohammadu Buhari who died in London last Year 2017.

In another hand Ashia Buhari is indirectly telling the world that Buhari her husband is dead, the two evil men Abba Kyari and Mamman Daura with the support Sultan of Sokoto brought the man in Aso Rock known as Jubril to be managing the affairs of Nigeria.

Biafrans are aware that the only revolution that will take place in Nigeria is the breakaway of Biafra from Nigeria, by then every oppressed people in the world will be saved, that's why every sound mind around the world should give their supports towards the restoration of  Biafra from the Murderous entity called Nigeria.

That's where we will be ending this weekly news analysis stay with Umuchiukwu Writers media as we are going to be bringing to you updates on current happenings around the globe especially in the Biafra Struggle while exposing evil Nigeria.

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