Biafra: The Richest African Country In The Making

■ Chimaobim Nnanna
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 10 , Dec. 2018

A country's wealth or poverty status can be determined by its economic strength or weakness.
The economy is the effective management of the resources of a country, community or system.

I have gone through many Biafran towns, villages, and provinces, and there is one thing I noticed, there is this very wonderful resource we have in abundance Very useful and most neglected an amazing wealth scattered all over the place both where it is wanted and where it's not wanted. It is THE PALM TREE. 

If you have gone from one province to another you will notice that the palm tree is the most seen tree anywhere in this blessed land of Biafra.

I have heard so many people say tons and tons of pointless and baseless things like if Biafra becomes a free nation, if we were very poor and the people will face massive hunger, however, but on a closer look, you begin to see ignorant people with lying spirits Biafra is not only blessed and rich in human resources but natural resources in abundance as well and thus rich enough to make Africa's richest country.

The palm tree is one of the world's most useful trees to date, there are many uses of each and every part of the palm tree which is not all known.

To begin with.
THE PALM LEAVES: Used as food for farm animals, Used for building, used for making local domestic brooms and fishing gears, etc.

THE PALM FRUITS PACK: Used for food making, soap making, etc.
THE PALM OIL alone has many uses both for cooking, soap, and other cosmetics making, and also for many industrial uses.
THE PALM KERNEL: Used for making palm kernel oil, and for phamarcutial purposes, etc.
There are also so many parts and many different uses. In fact, the uses cannot just be all said at once, also, it can be tapped to make local, nutritious sweet wine, there are so many useful features coming from the palm tree, the palm kernel shell can be used to construct roads while the gills found in the palm head are  used in making car furniture.

In conclusion, I can say for a fact that only the palm tree if properly managed can be enough to grow a country's economy and thus Biafra will be the powerhouse of Africa because we will make proper use of every resources Ezechukwuoike Abiama blessed us with.

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