When a purpose is not understood, abuse becomes inevitable. That is a common word most people of the earth would not understand the deepness of such word. I was brought up knowing of Israel as “a strong and godly nation”. That was all my society could afford for me in respect to what Israel is all about. Yes! Religious explanation of what my society thinks Israel is. But how true is this? Yes, Israel understands the covenant of the Almighty with their patriarchs but beyond that, they understood the generational truth that Jews are hated and face annihilation whenever they found themselves whether in North Pole, South Pole, Eastern Pole or Western Pole, it doesn’t matter. What the anti-Semitics want is to curse the Jews to bleed.

I would wish to discuss the present discourses standing on the neutral view point as non-Igbo Jew (though no one can take off my Jewish blood in me) for the sake of the audience I would wish this message reaches out to. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been known for his unpredictably yet precised and result oriented diplomatic manoeuvring. Those of US who understand the dynamism and complexity of international politics would agree with me that Nnamdi Kanu seems to have an edge towards diplomatic manoeuvring. This I would wish to discuss all though in this work.   

Though Britain added to the intellectual prowess of Nnamdi Kanu as he partly attended some British schools. I will say that her majesty government failed in her analysis and predictions on Nnamdi Kanu resolve to restore Biafra. This is where history and inference have failed in intelligence circle. May be Nnamdi Kanu was analyzed with an eye on the activities of money monger MASSOB and team of Biafra agitators who are covertly fund by the Nigerian Government. If that was the parameter used by M15 and M16 on Nnamdi Kanu, believe you me, such is the worst degrading failure of intelligence institution like the duo.

Britain could afford to have Nnamdi Kanu have the Radio Biafra London hosted on her soil basically on the premise that both M15 and M15 never foresaw of having such platform that shakes her interests getting where she is today. I also believe the British intelligence team never foresaw Nnamdi Kanu attracting the sympathy of the state of Israel and the world Jewry as seen today. What is still confusing to international development analysts today is when exactly Nnamdi Kanu did activated his Bia-Israel relationship that the world is seeing today. While many agreed such move might be of current development, others with more understanding of clandestine ops disagreed with the formal position. Whatever the arguments divide is, what is interesting for all to know is that there is unarguably an existing Bia-Israel relationship now.

I believe that Britain presently will be under disturbance over why, how and when they allowed Nnamdi Kanu flew below the radar of their intelligence circle. Also, by extension is how they lost the earlier constructive engagement with Nnamdi Kanu for the fact they had the opportunity and the privilege of having Nnadi Kanu passing through their cultures and value system. In what looks like policy disaster, they blew up this opportunity! Today, what they abused, Jerusalem is seeing as great and resounding resources. But will Brexiting Britain let go so easily? Of course, no! she would settle for compromise than total loss in Biafra affair.

I do understand the present state of Britain as everything looks contrary to her calculation result in Nigeria. It is a worry to Britain how Nnamdi Kanu manoeuvred various state conspiracies and decoy against him. Today, it appears Nnamdi Kanu is playing offensive contrary to anticipated defensive mechanism he was expected to face in many fronts. Whatever be the case, I do know that No 10 Downing Street has applied a failed policy on present Biafra restoration project championed by Nnamdi Kanu. This is intelligence disaster which the parameters of reaching out the result on Nnamdi Kanu are by all standard a case of feeble inference.

I do think Nnamdi Kanu’s Israel move is the smartest. Though this calls for open debates as my earlier submission doesn’t connotes absoluteness of my submission. Nevertheless, I will present my reasons of making such submission on his Israel move. Most people would have wished Nnamdi Kanu gets himself in USA than Israel. Well such wish is good at peripheral understanding which profoundly analyses prove contrary. Israel is more strategic positioned for Biafran project than USA. I said this with the following reasons below;

Could you imagine Nnamdi Kanu being in US presently broadcasting on the ongoing unmasking of Jubril the Sudanese impostor presently on contract with the cabals to occupy Aso Rock. The story line would have been that “US is using her might to bully Nigeria”. Could such statement be attributed to Israel? Could someone accuse Israel of using her “size” to bully Nigeria? Of course, no one in his right senses would! So, it is mentally win-lose achievement on the side of Nnamdi Kanu. This is just a case of small Nnamdi Kanu (by body size) allying with small Israel (by geographical size) to humiliate the big for nothing African state aka Nigeria.

Nigeria doesn’t know what kind of adds to promote against the state of Israel as playing the campaign of “Israel as a bully state” will make her a laughing stock among other nations. She can’t tell the world that Israel is bullying her due to her size. For that sole reason, she is presently in mental quagmire, not knowing what to do!

USA is ideologically complex and flexible that it takes many resources to maintain one’s footprint in any sector of US penetration. If Nnamdi Kanu had gone to US instead of Israel, FG would have taking the advantage of relationship between some Nigeria clergymen and women to put pleasure on American government via top US pastors. With some millions of Naira, you will get some Nigeria pastors cueing in airport for protests in US against Biafra. Considering the place of church in US politics, such would have had its own impact on the struggle.

In Israel, Judaism and not Christianity influence the state foreign policy. Those American clergymen understand how spiritual suicidal it is to overrule the position of Jerusalem in any matter. In fact, same thing American clergy men will frown at US, they will applaud Jerusalem for doing same. It is believed within the Christian faith circle in US that “Israel’s interest is godly”. This is where the problem lies. It would have been easy for some Nigeria pastors induced by the government to raise prayer topics against Donald Trump and US, but I don’t think any Christian in Nigeria would allow himself to be used to pray against Israel and her leaders. To the religious Nigerian man, such “ekpere di ike” (such prayer is a hard one). Another ground Nnamdi Kanu has terribly ruined Nigeria.  Recently, a popular Nigerian pastor was quoted as saying, “for the fact he (Nnamdi Kanu) has gotten to Israel, Biafra will come”. That is how strong Israel is feared among Nigerians.

If there is anywhere secured presently on earth, it is Israel. I said this based on clear evidences of her abilities to secure herself in midst of wolves around her. Britain and US are not secured as such. Nnamdi Kanu could be assassinated in either US or in Britain if Nigeria terrorist country chooses to do so. It is a question of contracting machineries residence in these countries and they will have the deal done. Russia did same in UK soil and we equally cases of terror killings in US often. There is no other place Nnamdi could have his life and security guaranteed better in Israel. Such choice of getting himself in Israel remains a wise one. I do know that such decision by him is a destabilizing one to Britain. Britain would want Nnamdi Kanu killed, but his security under Israeli watch presently would mean disaster for Britain to think on such page. 

Though Israel doesn’t hold any veto power in UN Security Council, she remains a hidden voice in most UN events. She has most times muscled her resources advantageously to have her aim. This she does through her “give and take” diplomatic approaches. Most nations of the earth are unwillingly submitting to Israel’s will due to the strategic footprints of Israel in their various sensitive sectors. This they understand must not be played with. Though we have seen cases where states voted against Israel publicly in UN general assembly knowing too well that such votes are mere dogs without bite. They do this to please various pro-Palestinian CSOs but behind the camera, encouraged Israel to advance her interest.

If Biafrans can recognize this indisputable fact that Israel is a de facto key player in international politics, then we will appreciate efforts of Nnamdi Kanu. It is my view that at this very moment, we should seek for Israel and not waiting for Israel to seek for us. This we supposed to do with all the available able resources and opportunities available to us. When this is fully activated, then the secondary will be a workover.

Written by:
Chika Austin
For: Imo State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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