Biafra: The Long Awaited Sunrise

■ Author: Chiukwubuike Anagboso
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 15, Dec. 2018

It has been a norm for people around the world, especially those in the African continent, to continually indulge in corrupt practices in all ramifications. Though they were not known for this attitude of inept corrupt practices from the inception of the world up until the invasion of the western world in the continent on discussing.

The total invasion and exploitation of the white resulted in colossal corruption. When they started discovering certain mineral resources in Africa, they went as far as instigating brothers to go against their own people. They do that so as while brethren fight one another, such condition enables them to loot and pillage the people of their human and land resources; they gather them, some of their women and children as slaves, taking them away to strange lands, using them for money making or exchange them for items where they are forced to serve white supremacists who use them as toys or more despicable as animals, and as work-machines. 

There was no shred of sympathy for their fellow humans; if they see blacks as human beings at all.
However, it is on history book that civilization of the world started in Africa, Egypt to be precise, yet the white supremacists hijacked the pure and incorrupt civilization which originated and started growing actually from Egypt; as we believe from the biblical history that Joseph, who is one of the sons of Israel (Jacob) was sold to slave-buyers(the Arabs) by his brothers out of jealousy, and they later sold him to the house of Pharaoh in Egypt where he made them understand that food can be preserved to last for years.

Meanwhile, there are people who came from the house of Jacob (Israel) into the part of West Africa where they settled as their own inheritance. 

As the African map is drawn as a pistol shape, one of the Israeli tribes can be located exactly at the trigger. That same place is where the sun rises from in the contraption called Nigeria. And the reason for the white supremacists(British) in that part of Africa to create a country for black people without their consent, and without allowing them to come together for the purpose of the agreement, was to enslave the powerful Jews(as they are referred to) in that particular part of the world.

It was very unfortunate that they knew who the Israeli tribe was, and their might even before they themselves realized; as it's on record that both the best-renowned mathematician the world ever knew whose name is Chike Obi and the Chiukwudi Philip Emeagwali (Father of Internet)  were from Biafra.

Now we are aware that the emergence of this formidable world nation builders who are from the great mountaintop of the LORD of Hosts (CHIUKWU-OKIKE-ABIAMA) where the sun rises from will be the beginning of the emancipation of every Black indigenous people in Africa as a whole, the building of Africa as a continent, and the bringing of Salvation to mankind. This is because, before the western world started practicing democracy, Biafrans were already naturally Democratic: as was clearly demonstrated by Olaudah Equiano(a Biafran of Igbo extraction) who was taken to London as a slave but later bought his freedom with money from the hands of the British in 1766, and helped to stop slave trade in Africa and other regions. It is all because he was born in the land of natural Republicans (Biafra land).

It should be noted by all reasoning persons that the restoration of Biafra sovereignty will give rise to a clear incorrupt and vivid civilization in the world which every human would be proud of. And after the rising of this sun, which is a unique sunrise that will never set(because it is the face of the Almighty Creator that will shine upon His people, Israel and those with them on this day) men will start to withdraw their hands from corruption, evil and wickedness. 

No wonder the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (MNK) said that Biafra is the Kingdom of the Supreme Creator on the surface of the earth; no doubt, it is!
Therefore, what every wise thinking human being in every part of the world has as an obligation now is to make the Biafra restoration A TASK THAT MUST BE DONE. And to ensure that it comes fast enough and peacefully without more delay by supporting the struggle for the sun to rise; as we know that the world is in total darkness, especially in Africa. 

There is a saying that says "make haste while the sun shines."

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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