By Onumajuru Onyekachi Macsantos (Abia Writers)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
According to one Igbo Biafran proverb, which says “The odour of the fart released in the air confuses the house fly”. The drums of confusion are seriously hitting hard on Aso rock. The ongoing theatre of conflict has automatically rolled out lots of mind-bugging questions and comments like, who is in Aso rock as president, is the man in Aso rock really Buhari? This Buhari is younger and fresher than the Buhari they used to know; this Buhari is more energetic and gallant like a man in his mid-40s unlike the old Buhari they used to know.

The Buhari they know is excellent in identifying faces, while this Buhari hardly recognizes well-known faces except if the people around him introduce the person to him which is unusual. This Buhari has specific old men around him in every function he attends as guardians unlike before. As it stands now, tension disarray and confusion have caged the presidency, which paves the way for unavoidable comments and questions from every sector and on the streets and more especially from the political angle.

The former president Goodluck Jonathan's book launch explains the political drama where the former military and civilian president, Olusegun Obasanjo jokingly questioned Adams Oshimole the APC Chairman about the absence of supposed Buhari and Obasanjo mockingly said his mind by asking “Did Buhari develop a phobia to appear in public?”

All these awakening questions and comments started when the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu started his programme tagged operation unmask Jubril, the Aso rock impostor, which he started when he reappeared in Jerusalalem. This programme has yielded a lot of fruits, opened the eyes of Nigerians and the world about the dirty games being played in Nigeria by the presidency. The unmask Saturday's tonic has ushered in many simple, sensitive and common investigations from individuals because the government apparatus people rely on to get authentic and valid facts and figures have failed them woefully through fake news like government platforms, politicians, media and securities are all in the business of covering the presidential fraud.

The Nigeria media, an epitome of deception took it upon themselves to report charades in the name of news, deceiving the poor everyday citizens and also indirectly campaigning for corrupt politicians. The more the supreme leader of IPOB unmasks the supposed Buhari the more people come out with fresh findings about the supposed Buhari in Aso rock. More than average Nigerians both local and international have joined the league of investigators on the occupant of Aso rock.

Although the cabal have come out to fill the suspected link that can expose the presidential secret by forcing and pressuring Aisha to attend the function tagged “The next level” with supposed Buhari where he publicly addressed her as Mrs. Buhari. That notwithstanding, he made a technical mistake by removing his eyeglasses before the people and stayed without glass for some time. It’s quite apparent that Aisha has passed through a lot of pains mentally and physically because of her mandated current role in the presidency.

Revolution is seriously looming because people’s eyes are opening on a daily basis to question the unseen and dark activities going on in the presidency. Notable individuals like Obasanjo, T.Y. Danjuma and Atiku have suddenly woken up indirectly or directly examining, monitoring and critically analyzing fraudulent presidential activities that increased the acceleration of all rounds conflicts and confusion in Aso rock.

The type of funny stories oozing out of Aso rock attract full dose of panic and high level of tension in Aso rock. All these fraudulent activities going on in the presidency might force out many unfriendly and destructive secrets that might land Nigeria where she will not get help because many countries and powerful world organizations have systematically abandoned Nigeria. No reasonable country will like to associate or identify with corruption, deception and failure no matter how wealthy the country might be because it is obvious and pronounced now what the Nigerian government did.

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