By Benjamin Ibegbulam (Abia Writes)
Edited by Joseph Afokwalam
Doctors, Nurses and workers of the various departments at the Abia State Teaching Hospital have on the 27th of November 2018 hit the streets in protest over their 10 months unpaid salary. It is heartbreaking that health practitioner as sensitive as their line of duties could be, are owed up to 10 months, the end of November makes it 11 months and still counting of unpaid salary. The Doctors complained bitterly of the continuous death of sick patients in the hospital due to lack of hospital equipment and drugs for helpless patients who troop in daily seeking for medical help in the hospital.

The main entrance of the hospital has been closed as both patients and staff have evacuated from the hospital. Patients, elderly men and women with bondages were seen earlier on that fateful morning walking about down the road in search of commercial motorists that will convey them to private hospitals where they could get medical help.
Staff complained that their children were expelled from school and couldn't participate in the ongoing examination in their various schools because they couldn't afford to pay their school fees and levies.

These health practitioners are not the only civil servants currently owed for months in the state. Teachers in state-owned school, security personnel and others are being owed for months in the state as well. Sadly they have their PVC with them to vote for anyone who will promise them heaven on earth and all the good things in life whereas they know that all these politicians are all liars and criminals who will empty the state treasury into their pockets once elected.

Why would one man syphon billions of public fund simply because he is the governor of the state and still walks freely untouched? He has even set to kick-start his campaign for the second tenure to retain the seat for the next four years in office. As sad as it looks, the governor of Abia State Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu is likely to pocket all the money meant for civil servants and walk away scot-free because he is not the first and would not be the last that has done it. Any other person that buys your PVC and votes for a stipend will still loot public funds as well as syphon your salaries.

If people could boycott elections and everything to do with Nigeria and support the restoration of Biafra, they will see their light shine because no government under the Republic of Biafra will owe her civil servants a dine.

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