By Benjamin Ibegbulam (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
"An ideology cannot be stopped with guns and bullets but with dialogue". This is the case of Biafra agitation in Nigeria. The Nigerian government has embarked on a suicidal journey that will obliterate the name Nigeria from the surface of the earth because of her actions and inactions towards revolution and the ideology of IPOB.

The Biafra born British citizen Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is a man sent by Chiukwu Okike, the God of Biafrans to end the era of slavery and bondage of Biafrans, to take them home to their promised land like the biblical Moses whom the God of Israelites called to take the children of Israel home, to the land of their ancestors given to Abraham, by God to worship him.

Since the amalgamation of the three divergent nations Arewa, Oduwuwa and Biafra to form Nigeria in 1914 by Frederic Lugard, Biafrans have been on the receiving end of man inhumanity to man - marginalization, cold-blooded killing, torture, you name it. The creator of Nigeria committed the sacrilege of nature as no man has the right to create a nation but only God. The amalgamation of Christian Biafrans with the Islamic core north is the worst of it all, which led to the death of millions of Biafrans through various pogroms. Before the remarkable genocide called the Biafran/Nigerian civil war that saw to the death of over 3.5 million innocent Biafrans including children and women, and the mayhem continues to date.

Nnamdi Kanu emerged and started sensitizing Biafrans from the streets in Biafra land and parts of Nigeria even at the Murtala Mohammed airport in Lagos before taking his gospel to FM radio. The infrastructures in Nigeria was not good enough to carry his signals to the four corners of the world, he moved to London from where he propagated the gospel of the kingdom of God upon the surface of the earth, which is Biafra. When Muhammadu Buhari came into power, he didn’t like the truth being told on Radio Biafra, so he did everything humanly possible to shut down the station. As a result of the plot by Nigeria government to stop the gospel of Biafra, they paid a considerable sum but unfortunately for them, if Chukwuokike Abiama is for us, who can be against us. All their efforts came to nothing, the failed woefully.

Nnamdi Kanu took the right part by gathering Biafrans from all the corners of the earth and built warriors and soldier who use TRUTH, pen and papers as the weapon instead of arms. He came back to his fatherland to continue his propagation of the gospel of Biafra. He was arrested and subsequently released after being unlawfully detained for almost two years with stringent bail conditions. That didn't stop him until the military invaded his home with to kill him, his where about was unknown for four hundred days, only to be seen for the first time after the invasion on the 19th of October 2018 praying at the western wall in Jerusalem.

At the end of his brief address to the world on 21st October 2018 on radio Biafra, he stated, "I'm coming back to Biafra land and will bring hell with me, the way it has never been seen before". The Islamic Nigerian State has made a beast that will destroy them. The intelligent, brave and upright man they called a boy and tried to kill has come to bring Biafrans justice and force Nigeria to her knees.

Nnamdi Kanu has gotten all support from world powers that will accompany him back to Nigeria to avenge the death of Biafrans and to finally restore the sovereign state of Biafra. The Nigerian government should as a matter of urgency call for a dialogue now and issue date of a referendum for Biafrans to decide their faith whether to stay in Nigeria or exit from it or be consumed by their Islamic agenda, tyranny and ego.

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