Biafra: Religion In Biafra Struggle Must Stand Upright

■ Author: Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 13, Nov. 2018

Religion is one of the superstructures of society, so we must consider religion as an instrument and bedrock of any institution. Christianity as a religion was one of the tools the British used to colonize Biafrans. Christianity is their own version of Judaism, that is, they interpreted and simplified Judaism in form of Christianity for our people. Christianity was created to help us grow spiritually and to know more about God the creator, but due to our imperfection, we took Christianity as a religion of its own, whereas it was supposed to work inline with Judaism the source of Christianity.

Christianity left Israel as a relation, but when it gets to Rome, they took it as a religion, And when the Rome introduced it to England, the civilians of England starts playing politics with it, and England brought the religion down to Africa, Africans especially Nigerians took it as a business; Africans now use Christianity as a way of making money easily. If you come down to Nigeria, you will see how people that claim God called them will convert schools, warehouse, houses, factories etc into the church.

Star of David

After paying your tithe, offering, sowing seed, prophet offering, and other offerings, they will gather the money either they use it and buy a private jet, or they will open up schools (university) that you can't afford to send your children. So on and so forth.

One may ask How does religion get involved in Biafra Agitation?
Most Christians are against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu because of his religious faith which is Judaism; Whereas Christianity and Judaism have everything in common to the best of my knowledge, Nnamdi Kanu never forced anyone into Judaism. Come to think of it, you are accepting Atiku who is a Muslim, whose faith detests both Christianity and Judaism and wants them destroyed.

I discovered that Religion is not your major problem, your problem is stupidity; You're rejecting your brother who is fighting for your own good and that of your unborn children because of Judaism, and you're accepting an Islamic man whose agenda is to destroy you and take over your land and resources; Indeed, your stupidity is beyond imagination.

To prove your stupidity you are against Judaism, but in your prayers, you always call on "God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob" Is Israel not a Jewish state?
Isaac and Jacob, are they not Jew? Sometimes, in your songs you sing "Abraham blessings are mine" Is Abraham a Christian or Jew?

Brethren, Freedom starts from inside; Free your mindset from stupidity first. To keep you informed, Spirituality does not come from religion, it comes from the soul.

Confusion is when you said/agreed that you're a Biafran, but not an IPOB I asked, What is the full meaning of IPOB? Are you not an Indigenous person? That's to tell you how stupid and confused some people can be. You will hear some say "you are not more  Biafran Than me

Ask that person; Are you a member of IPOB? NO. Did you contribute anything to the struggle? NO. Did you participate in rally/demonstration? NO.

So now, what makes you a more Biafran than me? Silence. Will Biafra fall from heaven? By the time you ask the efulefus all these questions, without being told, the person will realise how stupid he/she is.

You will also hear some people say "Am sitting on the fence between Nigeria and Biafra, any side that wins, I'll join. This person is not just stupid and confused, but he/she is a lunatic.

Umunnem, time will not permit me to table everything from the basis, more especially about Religion; but I want to assure you that freedom starts from the mindset of the oppressed.
We need to look ourselves inwardly and correct all that needs to be amended.

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