Biafra: Do Igbos Really Hate Themselves? (part 1)

■  Author: Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 20, Nov. 2018

The ideology and phrase "Igbos don't love themselves" is completely wrong; Igbos are known to be competitive in Nature and also competitive of themselves, that is, they are all determined to be more successful than others. Therefore, competitiveness should replace hatred. Many Nigerians especially Hausa, Yoruba and some bunch of "My Mama Say I Be Igbo" hate competition, and that's why I can deduce that Igbos are highly hated in a real sense by other tribes.

Comparably, Igbos are the most Talented and blessed tribe in Africa; Despite being blessed with many natural resources like Glass sand, Natural gas, Zinc, Limestone, Coal, Palm fruits, Bauxite, Salt, Rubber, Iron, Tar sand, Crude oil and etc; Igbos don't depend on all these mineral resources for survival on like other tribes in Africa especially Yoruba and Hausas; Rather they focused on  Human resources, where some go into business, many go into professional jobs like becoming Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Engr, Etc; That's why there is competition (which other tribes called hatred) among them, because they are all determined to succeed.

IPOB members

Other tribes like Hausa and Yoruba tried to copy Igbos, but couldn't, envy and jealousy started which now result to hatred. Therefore, the ideology that Igbos don't love themselves, are selfish, greedy and this and that, are senseless fabricated lies from Hausa and Yoruba. Igbos do not hate themselves, rather, they are being hated by other tribes.

The reason why other sections of Nigeria and most African countries are complaining of Igbo dominance today is because of "Master and Apprenticeship (Oga na Nwaboy) System of Ndigbo; Igbo man is the only person that will travel to Ikom, Lagos, Kaduna, Ghana, Congo, Gabon etc, establish a business, nurture it to grow, and travel back to his village to take a son of his poor neighbor along, and settle him after 5/6 years, depending on their agreement, and make sure he succeed and invite his friends to join him in the business.

Is that hatred?
Which other tribe has done that before?

Igbo bankers will move into that Igbo community because they believe that with their brother's influence, they will land a good job in the bank that operates in that area; Igbo young lawyers will relocate to that area because they are sure of Igbo clients who always believe that he is more secured with Igbo lawyers than any other tribe; Our Doctors and Pharmacist will move in to establish business; Engr and builders of Igbo extraction will move in, because they knew that our people will start buying lands over there, and within some few years, Igbo community will be the most dominant tribe in that area, Is that hatred?

Igbos are the only tribe that thinks of the wellbeing of our maternal places and Ndigbo. Is that greed?

The fact that Ndigbo survived the genocidal war, and came out even stronger than the people that waged the war on them is a mystery of love.

Therefore, If you're an Igbo and you joined other section of Nigeria to say Igbos hate themselves, my brother, you need DNA to examine you. Igbos really love themselves, but they are being hated by other tribes who tried to copy them but end up mistaken their competitiveness for hatred.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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