Biafra: Brave And Formidable Men Marched Again

■  Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 26, Nov. 2018

It takes courage, tranquility, resilience, Consistency, and determination to be brave. The brave men, IPOB volunteers on Friday 23rd November 2018 took to the streets of Biafra land on a peaceful rally as usually carried out. 

The walls of Jericho (The Nigerian animalistic military armed men in disguise were defiled and conquered).
In Aba, the protest took off from Asa Road and went round through Ngwa Road Major markets and business areas were visited and the peaceful brave and formidable men were on a uniformed attire that differentiated them from other people. The protest ended at the popular Ahia Ohuru (New Market). 

IPOB Members Protesting 

The Nigerian army arrived too late and couldn't catch any bite. They arrived at the venue where the protest stopped when the protesters were already gone. It was a total victory for IPOB volunteers in Aba.

Same time it was happening in Aba, Ebonyi was also on the motion. The IPOB volunteers in Ebonyi Marched in the city of Abakiliki and were as always peaceful, Displayed the Biafran flag, no election banners, referendum play cards and with songs of victory. Again, the Nigeria animalistic military men posed to attack them but failed woefully It was also a successful rally for IPOB volunteers, Ebonyi state.

IPOB members protesting 

IPOB volunteers Enugwu were also on the streets of Enugwu. The rally hits major streets, markets and commercial areas of Enugwu. Protesters were dully peaceful and Marched with braveness amidst the heavy military patrols.

Anambra IPOB volunteers equally joined in the rally, Nnewi was very hot as the Lion squad IPOB volunteers hit the streets, the living, the dead were all scrutinized, the message was passed and peacefully they Marched. However, the men of Nigeria police attacked the peaceful protesters shot live bullets and tear gassed the whole atmosphere for no good reason In the cause, many of the volunteers were injured
Peacefully, they disengaged themselves and left the scene Surprisingly after some hours, the Nigerian gutter media unleashed their lying tools, Reporting that IPOB members killed some police officers with a photo of a policeman lying facedown inside a dirty gutter in Nkwo Nnewi Funny enough, the policeman was later seen walking out of the gutter on his own alive  that is the extent Nigerian media could go to blackmail the peaceful nature of IPOB.

The quest and aim of the protests are to convey the message and gospel of Biafra. There will be no election in Biafra land if a referendum is not conducted. The message has been conveyed, the world is taking note and the resoluteness of IPOB will be remarkable as long as the world lasts.

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