■Author:  Ezekwereogu John
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 01, Oct 2018

Do you know Nigeria failed to identify with all its citizens irrespective of borders and tribe, hence the continuous strive to secede
It is another October 1st. Independence Day, they call it. Today makes it 58 years since Nigeria became an independent country, a sovereign nation. today, I want to call our attention to something very serious that most of us have lost sight of because of Buhari. Yes, Buhari is a disaster, and APC may be a bane to this nation, but Buhari and APC are not really the problem of Nigeria. They are just a fraction of the problem. Corruption, falsehood, Evil is the problem. So, let us not delude ourselves into believing that if Buhari is voted out in next year's election, things will be fine, because things will not be fine. Things were not fine before he came in, and things will not be fine after he left unless corruption is dealt with, and Nigeria is disintegrated, Yes, things will be fine only when we recognize that our problem is corruption and different value system and deal with it. I had to say this because right now, many Nigerians behave as if things will be fine if Buhari is voted out.
Until we get rid of corruption, Nigeria will not be fine, unfortunately, it is the foundation upon which Nigeria was created. Even if the nation break up, and we disintegrate and go our separate ways, the resultant nations: Arewa, Biafra, Oduduwa will then redefine their God-given purpose for them. Corruption has ruined Nigeria, There is going to be colossal failures that may even be worse that will befall Nigeria. One of the greatest obstacles in dealing with corruption, which is the actual bane of Nigeria, is that everyone assumes that his own corruption is not really detrimental to Nigeria. People assume that it is only the corruption of the leaders that is detrimental to the welfare of the country. Another great obstacle is that people assume that if there will be change, it must start from the top. If you ask a typical Nigerian (the masses) to shun corruption, he will tell you that the system is bad, that you shouldn't expect the change to begin with him, that it must start from the top. He will rant that you don't force patriotism, that the conditions that ensure patriotism should be made available by the people at the top. Blah blah blah...
But the truth (an unpopular truth) is that if you don't expect the change to start with you, then don't expect any starting point. Yes, as long as you are concerned, you are the starting point. And if there is no starting point, which should be you, it is absurd to expect change. In fact, it is actually improper for you to expect a change you have not undergone yourself from another person. If you want to change, be the change. The change we all desire will never come from the top per se. Whoever will be at the top will come from the society. So, until the society abhors Nigeria by avoiding it in any form, anybody that gets to the top will most probably be corrupt.
There is a need for revolution. Nigeria needs a revolution as a country. But the revolution she need is not the type many Nigerians are calling for, namely, getting rid of those at the top. Getting rid of those at the top will not change anything. Our leaders are not corrupt because they are leaders; they are corrupt because they are Nigerians. Nigerians are corrupt, so it is natural that their leaders will be corrupt because their leaders are Nigerians. The only difference between most Nigerians and our leaders is that they are not in (political) leadership positions.
The revolution we need is a separation because the entity is not working and has been heavily bastardizing. We need our minds to evolve. Oh, it is horrible to look into the Nigerian mind. The Nigerian mindset is nothing to write home about. We need our mindset to change in such a way that we can actually say "No" to Nigeria. First, as individuals, and then as a people. That is our only Hope.
Nigeria is a graveyard of dead consciences. There are few living consciences though. Always make sure you are among the living consciences.

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