Panics and anxieties have been following the 21st Oct world press conference granted by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra in Jerusalem.  Among the statements from him, no one gave concern to actors, observers and concern individuals like his acknowledgement of MOSSAD and promise of replication of MOSSAD system in Biafra Intelligence circle.  Why is this giving everyone concern despite the fact that MOSSAD is not Israel Defence Force (IDF) which is military arm.  My deep investigations have taken a surgical dissection of the contents of MOSSAD that is raising concern to many.

In Israel, two intelligence circles are known to be operational in the Jewish state vis-à- vis Shin Bet and MOSSAD.  While Shin Bet is for internal security of Israel while MOSSAD is for internal security. MOSSAD has a high profile of deflating threats in foreign lands before it gets to Israel. In many occasions, she has saved many countries from security threats especially planned by the terrorist’s cells all over the world. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Britain, France, Germany, US, Jordan, Australia and hosts of other nations are presently under heavy aid of MOSSAD coverage.  MOSSAD in countless occasions have helped these countries foil attacks in their home country by terrorists’ networks.

It is said that MOSSAD possesses the highest intelligent equipment all over the world.  The assets of US National Security Agency (NSA) is nowhere in match to what is in possession in MOSSAD purse.  MOSSAD scoops, eavesdrops and bogs global conversations. No internet related conversation made today on this planet that is not in data base of MOSSAD. She gathers global conversations every day, analyses it, intercepts and destabilizes planners ahead of their launch.  That is how she has succeeded to enjoy heavy security contracts in many European, Arabs and other countries of the world. 

Having said these areas of MOSSAD, it is balancing to say that MOSSAD equally has “dirty” parts that makes her a terror to her enemies.  MOSSAD since her creation has taken a drastic revenge on those who in one way or the other in killing of Jews in the holocaust. In Poland, Austria, Germany and other parts of Europe, MOSSAD has hunted down the culprits and their family members as a way to appease those killed.  These eliminations are done neatly with the hosts countries internal securities maneuvered cheaply.  Many world leaders who were threats to the state of Israel were get rid off by MOSSAD despite the security they claimed they have. I wish not to mention names here, but I can count over five presidents MOSSAD gave express visa to eternity.

In Iran, MOSSAD has heavily slow down Iran nuclear development by assassinating her nuclear scientists in the most covert and overt operations that bewildered the Muslim country.  No national defence MOSSAD hasn’t broken despite rants of these countries. MOSSAD deserves to be respected if not feared. Questioning the strength of MOSSAD is like questioning your life.  The advance countries understand too well what I am saying here!  MOSSAD doesn’t believe or take no for an answer. She doesn’t have anything like “failed operation” in any of her clandestine outing.  Both US CIA, NSA, FBI, British M15, M16 and other nations intelligence agencies always respect MOSSAD as father when it comes to clandestine operation. She leads while others follow.

Abuja has exhibited the highest maturity I ever expected from them.  Till date, they haven’t summoned Israel ambassador for questions nor allow Lai Muhammed insult Israel as his manners are.  This is clear understanding that Britain has warned Abuja to be extremely careful in reacting to the timing bomb which might consumed Nigeria and London if cares are not taking. The world seems to be scared to see the dangerous game Nnamdi Kanu is playing now, which if not carefully responded might lead to Third World War.  Nnamdi Kanu choice of strategy is reshaping the world seriously that it is no longer a funny thing. The number of international media houses that lifted his Jerusalem press statements is a clear pointer that something is loading that only fools with worthless lives will want to downplay it.

Nnamdi Kanu talked of replication of MOSSAD in Biafra military intelligence circle.  For me, this MOSSAD factors are already playing out in Biafra military intelligence circle.  If not, how did they got to whisked him aware despite heavy Nigeria land, air and water siege in Afaraukwu Ibeku? Such smart operation can be seen in advance agents like MOSSAD.  Such display is not common in Africa and I refuse to agree it is mere Africa operations. IPOB security has proven to be really ahead of Nigeria security despite the later huge budgets on security.  SHAME!  SHAME!!  SHAME!!!

Another factor that proves replication of MOSSAD in Biafra military intelligence circle is the press release of September after the sit at home exercise.  In that press statement, Emma Powerful talked of how IPOB scooped into News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) server and made public classified photographs of the agency which she wanted to hid from the people.  Till today, NAN hasn’t countered the claim which her silence till today is equivalent to Nigeria shock propelled silence we are observing today.  The skill of eavesdropping, scooping and bogging are commonly known within MOSSAD circle.  For IPOB to scoop, eavesdrop and bog, it then means that she has already consolidated her MOSSAD like security outfit.  This shows how serious she is. Nigeria till date hasn’t attain 10% of international intelligence gathering standards which IPOB is far ahead of her.  ANOTHER SHAME!!!

MOSSAD doesn’t forget and forgive.  I pity those who are in acts of aiding and abetting the killing of our people. If Biafra intelligence agency decides to hunt them down in revenge of those they killed, believe you me no one will save them.  No one saved those who aided and abetted the killing of Jews from MOSSAD anger, and no one will save the saboteurs on the day of judgement. What most people don’t know now is that there is a proper documentation of everyone role. Like MOSSAD, we are watching!

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

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