From inception, Biafran people had faced series of fights for liberation. From repelling of slave traders to suicides of Atlantic Ocean. From rebellion in the new world, to Akassa war. From 1929 Aba women riot to 1945 coal miners fight.  From the Biafra/Nigeria wars, Ogoni 12 fights, Niger Delta disturbances to the present fight led by Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.  Battles for freedom is not new to us as a people, but the distortion mechanism of our enemies are always new to our people. Knowing your enemy while fighting is good, but knowing his antics is the best.  This I think we have done greatly “knowing our enemies”, but not really grounded understanding their antics and how to deflate and destabilize them.

The days of Nnamdi Kanu on the microphone was great days of unambiguous dissection of the enemies’ antics at the bewilderment of many. I urged all Biafran journalists to engage in depth interpretation of the enemies moves to our people for understanding. We have curious people who are entrusting on Biafra journalists to interpret daily events for them.  These millions of men and women having rejected anything called Nigeria, including her media should be made to enjoy in depth interpretation of events of the day. It on this notion that I am making this long write ups tight engagements.

I chose to start with the rhetorical questions based on responses and questions most people sent to my inbox.  Nations can be gain on emotions but can never be established on sentiments (though I doubt this assertion). What we are fighting today is not in any way going to come through sympathy or emotional roll-out.  It is a battle that must be confronted with consciousness of hitting your enemies, them hitting you until compromise is achieved.  It is not battle for the fainted or mentally unstable fellows.  I keep on seeing every day, why Nnamdi warned earlier “only 100 men will gain Biafra for us”. No wonder God always slash numbers from multitudes to few when battles are involved. Hope you remembered Moses, Joshua and very few others? What of Gideon and his armies?  They were streamed down from many soldiers to few. Few men and women with resoluteness are far better than multitudes of animals ruled by emotions.  No wonder Israel with few resolute citizens is far greater than Nigeria of 200 million animals. We are restoring Biafra with few resolute men and women!  It doesn’t matter what your opinion says.  For opinion is free and fact is sacred according to E. H Carr.

IPOB is not an emotional club, neither is she originally drafted to configure for it.  The original picture is Nnamdi Kanu whose pedigree is devoid of fear, cowardice or emotion. He sets a goal and pursues it irrespective of distractions and decoys of the enemies.  He influences events and not events influencing him!  That is how we got where we are today.  Focus and resoluteness! It is this his enviable qualities that led the zoo to come for his assassination September last year which is leading to his long incarceration now by the Nigerian state. We are trained by him to change events not events changing us.  In one of his broadcasts which I listen everyone morning on my gadget, he said, “they must talk of us, go and write it somewhere”. That he achieved without a bullet!

Someone woke me up this morning asking of Biafra Referendum date.  I made him understand that that lays on the desk of DOS which I am not part of.  But if there is anything worth appreciating, it is the fact that those guys in DOS are not resting to present to us a justifiable referendum.  I understand too well that they are made up sound minds who understand domestic and international dynamics. Nigeria knows of the referendum and we must understand that our upcoming referendum doesn’t in anyway means Nigeria will be put to halt.  No, even though Biafra is emerging tomorrow, you don’t expect Nigeria to stop functioning.  All governmental affairs will keep moving on while Biafra keeps emerging.  Expecting government businesses to stop for Biafra referendum is out of context.  It isn’t done in anywhere in the world!

What is most important now is to take the referendum message to every part of Biafraland.  When your awareness on referendum is high, it builds the right course for us. Plan and talk of your referendum as the zoo plan for their own election. That Britain had her elections doesn’t stopped Scottish referendum, Spanish election plan never stopped Catalonia referendum, what of Kurdistan, what of south Sudanese referendum.  Get working for your referendum and forget whether election in the zoo or not.

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

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