Biafra: The Slavish Mentality of Nigerians

■ Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 24, Oct 2018

An average Nigerian want a better life, but his not ready to sacrifice anything in order to live large, he believes in " ego better and it shall be well" talk,the worst thing that has ever happened to Nigerian's is the creation of that enclave by Fedrick  Luguard, that name alone is a Borden to them without knowing they are in one all might hell,this slaves believe that a country created by white man is indivisible and they are ready to defend it with the last drop of their blood.

Is not surprising to me that some myopic ignorant Nigerians are willing and ready to vote in an expired country, it's laughable that slavish mentality in Nigerians made them not to recognize that the name Nigeria is meaningless, the name which they answer was born of the amorous dementia of a certain woman named flora shaw.

An average Nigerian is a typical example of a bamboo or monkey that you easily catch with a banana and cage, no wonder Mazi Nnamdi Kanu always refers to them as baboons and monkeys living in the zoo, for me, domestic animals kept in the zoo are far much better than Nigerians, they see slavery as tea and bread that cannot be taken away from them, they inherited slavery and generations after them will all so inherit the slavish mentality of their forefathers, the British government made a very big mistake by creating Nigeria as a country, they should have created it as a jungle because Nigerians fall under the species of wild animals, I pray Almighty God to destroy Nigeria and give back the land to the original owners.

When are Nigerians going to realize that the root of their problems is their inabilities to liberate themselves from slavery, the mentality of slavery has eaten deep into them that they cannot differentiate good and bad, they now see political looters, terrorist, and radical Islamic jihadist as their folks and heroes.

Nigerians with their slavish mentality have started their madness again from said Buhari to sai Aticulated, the same Hausa Fulani nomadic cattle rearers, and Islamic jihadist that you are rejoicing over their victory as flag bearers of their various parties, what is different between Buhariets and Aticulated?.

I shade uncontrollable tears over the blood of baboons and monkeys that will be used as sacrificial Lambs during the forthcoming election, the trauma of Buhari is still fresh, your slavish mentality is driving you crazy to vote for Aticulated.
Now is the time to free yourself from slavery, boycott the fraudulent elections, neither Buhari nor Atiku can change Nigeria for good, in 2015 you were busy shouting sai Buhari is our saviour, without knowing he wants to send you to early grave, today some of them shouting said Buhari is no longer alive they have been massacred by Fulani footsoldiers of the same man they voted for, now the tone is said Atiku and this radical Fulani man have come with "get ready to work", and I ask Nigerians hope it will not turn from being freelancers to peasants?.

I can't imagine that Nigerians are so daft that up till now they have not understood the scam in Nigeria politics, out of 180 million people filled with energetic youths they did not see any vibrant youth to contest for presidency, rather they choose to bring back ancestors as presidential candidates outdated and bereft of any modern ideas, Nigerians are indeed slaves to northern oligarchy.

If you don't know it before better know it now, that  Nigeria elders are the leaders of tomorrow, not the youths, it's a clear indication that the youths are under slavery which gave birth to their slavish mentality.

Slavish mentality imposed on Nigerians by their politicians have eaten deep into their fiber, what this bamboos and monkeys have in mind during electioneering is how to get five thousand naira and a cup of rice from politicians, they don't have the generations coming after them at heart,they want to remain in perpetual slavery till they die,you complain of economic meltdown, religious crisis and killings yet you want to go and vote for the same people committing the atrocities, your stupidity is beyond redemption, your pains and suffering have just started and your PVC will send you to your early grave, you foolishly rejoice as usually but at the end you will stupidly cry.

Edited by Aguocha Chinwendum, Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka Published
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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