Author:  Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 16, Oct 2018
In Igbo speaking Biafra, there is an adage that says "Ekwesu nwe obodo Nigeria" meaning Satan own Nigeria, the Satan that own Nigeria is British government the creator of one Nigeria.
For further clarification let me define hell in other for Nigerians to see and reason with me that they are living under one all might hell, in other words, that, country should be renamed, classified and recognized as "HELL".
According to Oxford learner's dictionary, hell is defined as a place believed to be the home of Lucifer and other evil spirits and demons, a place of suffering and pain, gnashing of teeth and death. I believe it is time we call a spade a spade and put the round peg in a round hole by agreeing that Nigeria should be classified and recognized as HELL. In 1914 the British government have seen the resources concentrated in west African decided to send their errand boy called Luguard to invade a particular region of that continent so as to create a country, Luguard who was on a mission of exploitation with his hell footsoldiers amalgamated the northern and southern protectorates which gave birth to Hell called Nigeria. Some baboons and monkeys in their slavish mentality were jumping up and down rejoicing and thanking Luguard for creating Hell Nigeria for them, these people are much in love with this hell that an average Nigerian believe that when he dies he will hold Nigeria flag in his hand so that Jesus will know he has passed through hell already while on earth. Am peeved each time I see people referring to Nigeria as a country, referring to it as a country is like referring hell to be paradise. That name Nigeria was invented by Lucifer and his agents and for that, since the creation of Nigeria nothing good has come out from it but pain's, suffering, terror, and death. As it stands today Nigeria is the only countries that represent hell on the surface of this earth because it's a place were Lucifer and his agents kill, steal and destroy with impunity creating unnecessary hardship among the people.
It's a hell in the sense that the president has not made any broadcast on Fulani herdsmen and their military wing that has killed and pillaged Nigerians in their thousands in the last three years. Argue with me that Nigeria is not a hell and I will prove to you that those who created Nigeria are agents of Lucifer, it's only in Nigeria that petrol stations will bribe power distribution companies to turn off electricity supply in order for them to sell their petrol products, it's only in Nigeria that telecom companies will steal their subscribers airtime and data while asleep, in this hell called Nigeria everybody is a criminal.
A country with millions of talented, educated and vibrant youths yet an incompetent and uneducated ancestor is their president.
You claim Nigeria is not hell yet her citizens are poor and hungry, their military and police are lawless and terrorists, their youths are jobless and their president is lifeless, tell me is that country not worst than a Hell? In conclusion, the name "Nigeria" should be replaced with "Hell", and for you gullible Nigerians the earlier you disassociate yourselves from that entity the better for you, things can only get worst in that hell until it collapses.
Edited by Aguocha Chinwendum For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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