■Author:  Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 18, Oct 2018

For the benefit of those mentally unfit individuals that can't make use of their God-given brain, but prefer to think and reason from their anus, I want to analyze what election Boycott is all about and how it can earn us a Referendum if there's a total compliance. Firstly, Boycott means to intentional abstain from something or the use of a commodity as an act of protest. Election Boycott is a deliberate abstinence of an individual or a whole region of a country from voting in an election conducted within the country as an act of protest to register displeasure over the constitution or for a constitutional amendment or maybe in the case of separation. Election Boycott is usually done by an oppressed region, and its the only nonviolent way that can be used to protest against something. Now let's get down to business, using Nigeria as a case study. 4 years after Nigeria gained her independence, Election was conducted in 1964 for the first Republic; Awolowo's Boycott of the election lead to the eventual fall of the first Republic. May it impress you to know that the Election Boycott helped in ending colonial rule in India, Kenya & Zimbabwe. In Self~Determination, Election Boycott(though it's a civil disobedience) means a lot. It implies that... A) No political process can give us Biafra, because Biafrans will remain a minority in the national assembly and therefore, cannot pass a bill for a Referendum. We can't claim to be Biafrans but still participate in Nigerian election or any other activities; It shows that we are still part of the system. C) Election Boycott will serve as a catalyst to our quest for Referendum. D) If there's a 100‰ compliance to the Election Boycott in the entire Biafraland, A new president cannot emerge in the zoo called Nigeria, and therefore, the reason why the election was Boycotted will be known and addressed. Besides, Let's come to reality. Why are you afraid of Boycotting the 2019 general election as ordered by IPOB? Don't you know that the Nigerian government is afraid of IPOB because they obey one command? They know the strength in election Boycott and the damages ahead if a whole region of Biafra Boycott the presidential election. Or do you want to vote because of the useless vice president slot? Goodluck Jonathan was used as a Vice president to stop, and calm Niger Delta Militants in the coastal region of Biafra. And now they want to use Peter Obi as Vice president with the aim of stopping Biafra agitation, and some myopic use and dump slaves in Biafraland are jumping up, dancing the Atikulation music, fermenting, chanting saying that we should support our brother Peter Obi, that we can't get Biafra if we don't have our people in power, but forgetting that no political process can get us Biafra. Am still wondering why some idiots in Biafraland are jumping up because of the vice president privilege that is given to them, which is as useless as your PVC; Whereas they are supposed to ask themselves pertinent questions like Why can't an Igbo become a president and a Hausa his vice? Anytime the election is around the corner, Political manipulators will come with useless campaign promises, giving you peanut change that can't make you a better person; At the end, you will be carried away by their lies, and deceptions and thereby vote for them in the election, after getting your votes and enter power, they will forsake both you and the heaven and earth they promised you before getting into power. Ever since you started voting, Have anything changed? Is there any new development? Are there good roads? Is there constant electricity? Has there been stability in the economy? What about good hospitals? Why are all the Seaports, Airports, & Railway transportation in the entire eastern region not functioning? Is our region too small to have all these? Why must I travel out of the entire eastern region to the north/west before preparing my travelling document? Why must I import my goods through the north/west to my home base(Biafraland) All these, and many questions are the reason why we must Boycott the 2019 general election to press hard for Referendum to be conducted for the Republic of Biafra, so we can come together, build and develop Biafra our country. At this point, it may also impress you to note that, countless times, Referendum has been conducted in many places like. The UK conducted a Referendum for Scottish people in 2014, and also conducted a Referendum for British(Brexit) in 2016. Coming down to the Zoo called Nigeria, Southern Cameroon was once part of Nigeria and a Referendum was conducted for them.
Brethren, Election Boycott is a catalyst in Self~Determination, and therefore don't allow the Atikulators to Atikulate you into Atikulation, Remain focused and stand on your ground, power belongs to the people, Don't accept anything less than freedom.
If Referendum is not conducted before the 2019 general election, Boycott the election because it will serve as a catalyst to our Referendum.
By Utiung Mathias For Umuchiukwu Writers. Edited by Aguocha Chinwendum
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