THE Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) in Ebonyi state (Abakaliki Province) made history in the struggle for Biafra restoration as they successful inaugurated nine family units across the state.

One out of the nine family units was inaugurated on 24th October, 2018 at Ishi-Izhia, Amanamuta and Amaogelewo in Ezzamgbo zone Ohaukwu LGA Ebonyi state, during the unit inauguration which was attended by the Ebonyi state coordinator of IPOB Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya, Mazi Ekeh Chukwuma the state secretary, Bishop Nwachinemere Stanley the state PRO, the state Media head Mazi Ogeh Friday Igiri, whom it is his mother unit attended, the people of Amanamuta and Amaogelewo came out in their large number to officially identify with the struggle for Biafra restoration from the contraption called Nigeria.

The state protocol officer Mazi Ezeta Ozoemena, the Ohaukwu local government area coordinator Mazi Ojima Kenneth, his deputy Mazi Igwe Monday, the Ezzamgbo zonal coordinator Mazi Emem Prosper were also among the principal officers that attended the inauguration.

Speaking shortly before the inauguration, Mazi Ekeh Chukwuma explained to them more on the things expected of every Biafran especially the IPOB members in the quest for Biafra restoration, he said "It is the responsibility of all well-meaning Biafrans irrespective of ethnicity and personal interest to fight and support the  freedom of Biafra as a sovereign state because "we have no hope in Nigeria" he added that "Anybody who is born a Biafra but do not support the struggle for its total freedom and restoration has something deeply wrong with his/her brain and needs help both spiritually and physically".

Speaking on behalf of the newly inaugurated family unit, Mazi Nworie Sunday the coordinator expressed his joy over the turn up of his people even when much evangelism and sensitization has not been done in the community about IPOB, he pledged to work hard for the spread of Biafra gospel within and outside his jurisdiction with his principal officers more than anticipated.

In Abakaliki LGA, Mgbagugwu zone, unit 1, 2 and 3 was inaugurated as well as Arochukwu Lane Nkwogwu zone, unit 1, 2 and 3 officially inaugurated still on 24th October, 2018.

On Thursday 25th October, 2018 Mkpuma Akpatakpa under Ikenyi zone, in Izzi LGA Ebonyi state was equally being inaugurated. 

The Ebonyi north senatorial district coordinator Mazi Ezike Wisdom Nwambam, the Izzi LGA coordinator Mazi Ishioko Jacob and Mazi Udoka Stephen the Abakaliki local government area coordinators presided over the inaugurations respectively.

Mrs Ijeoma Okoro the Nkwogwu zonal coordinator and Mazi Ogbuka Franklin, Mgbagugwu zonal coordinator assured IPOB worldwide of %100 vote yes for Biafra exit from Nigeria during referendum conduction. 

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri & Ogbuka Franklin
For: Ebonyi State Media

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