Biafra land recorded a total shut down because shop owners and workers working in offices did not appear to work just to drive home Biafra ideology to the world.

IPOB is 7 steps ahead of Nigeria and the steps are visible in all IPOB activities, Nigeria security forces issued treat and counter treat but IPOB went ahead and declared the sit at home and the said order achieved 100% compliance.

Information reaching the desk of IPOB investigative journalist have it that Nigerian Government bribed all the print media to carry out fake report that Biafrans did not comply to IPOB sit at home order and such media house that received the money are vanguard, the sun, punch, and online bloggers.

IPOB media crew carried out report from various parts of Biafra land and pictures/videos were taken to inform the international media outfit of happenings in Biafra land.

IPOB sit at home 2018 in commemoration of those killed by Nigerian murderous establishment, it is now on record that Biafrans can manage her affairs and can conduct a more peaceful referendum that will usher in the full restoration of Biafra based on the civil disobedience and total compliance to IPOB leadership.

The Nigeria security operative did all they could to stop Biafrans from sitting at home but Biafrans rejected the treat and went ahead to obey IPOB leadership to drive home sit at home protest to remember all those killed by Nigeria army during operation python dance in which Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his father was adopted by Nigerian army.

Thanks to all those who obeyed the IPOB sit at home order.

Written by:
Ben Nnadi
For: Rivers State Media

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