There was atmosphere of enthusiasm as Biafran Journalists in Imo Biafraland had their maiden meeting today 27th September, 2018 in Mbaise. The team of Biafran journalists who couldn't hide their joy, after seeing themselves for a while, thank Chiukwu Okike Abiama for the grace to have them come together ones again.

While welcoming the members of the Imo media team, the Mbaise provincial coordinator (Mazi) thanked the Biafran journalists for their resounding and resolute jobs towards the struggle.  He pledged to see that the Mbaise province assists Imo Media towards effective execution of their responsibilities. "It is regrettable that some coordinators seem not to understand the place of media in this noble course of ours.  It is media we use in bringing out our plights for the world to see, and this we must sustain by helping our team of journalists in a little way we can.  For we in Mbaise province, we will not fail to make sure the Imo Media gets our little supports".

Also speaking, UK base Mrs Oby Mboma who spoke to the team of the Biafran journalists of Imo extraction through phone calls, encouraged members of IMT to sit up to their responsibilities as more is expected of the team.  She stated that if there is anytime more is needed from the team, it is at this moment.  "We must go grassroots reporting, lots are needed to be brought to limelight. Imo must not be left behind.  There are terrible atrocious acts ongoing in Imo that the world must see.  The oppression melted on our people by the Nigerian state can't go uncovered". She instructed.

Mazi Iwuala Chibueze addressing the team thanked members of the team to sustain the good work of IMT. He reminded the journalists how the voluntary work is sustained by the fact that the oppressors have not giving up. "You must remain resolute and continue the noble assignment. History will treat us well as we all know we are in for this because there is a heavy threat of extermination facing all of us as a people ".

Thanking the speakers and his fellow journalists, the state media head, Mazi Chika Austine appreciated the members of team for their turn up to the meeting. He urged them to understand heavy task before them and urged them to bring out their best for the struggle of the mother land.

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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