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■ 20, Sep 2018
Since, the inception of Buhari's administration, there has been talks about a secret agenda to Islamize Nigeria. Christians in Nigeria have been fighting it in various ways, like praying against it, preaching sermons that are meant to enable Christians to stand up against it and demonizing Buhari's administration. If the agenda materialize, it will not just be stamping down people's outlook, opinion and belief, but also striping people of their right to freedom of worship. So it is safe to say that Christians are acting in good faith by fighting it.
Now, we have a situation where Christians behave as if God is against Islamizing Nigeria in such a way that God stands with them and is against Moslems. Yes, God is against the Moslems in the sense that God is against intolerance and imposing one's belief on others. But if you think that God is against them in the sense that God prefers Christianity over Islam, and therefore sides or supports Christians over Islams, you are a fool. A big fool in capital letters. And I am afraid, this actually means that most Christian leaders in Nigeria are fools. As far as God is concerned, there is really no difference between Christianity (what we call Christianity today) and Islam. Both are institutions leading men away from God. This is BTW telling you that God does not really care if Nigeria becomes an Islamic nation because it does not really change anything. And this is also telling you that God is beyond Christianity, that Christianity is not the true religion. Christianity is just another attempt and line of approach by man to seek out the true religion and conform to it. There is only one true religion; it is a man walking with God like Enoch and Abraham did. It precedes Christianity. It is the religion of Adam before he fell. The true religion has always been there from the beginning, and there is no age, race, culture or even religion that has not had men who practised it. The three wise men were not Jews. The writer of the story did not know where they came from. He wrote that they came from the East, which could be Japan or any other country in the East. Their religion could be Buddhism, Confucianism, or any other Eastern religion, but for God to reveal the birth of Jesus to them and they came to worship him as they did, they were certainly walking with God.
Down through the ages, before the advent of Christianity, you will find men who practised the true religion in many African traditional religions. For instance, some of the so-called Dibiase in precolonial Igbo land were men who actually walked with God like Enoch and Abraham did. They worshipped God in ways the myopic contemporary Christian, who know nothing about God, does not understand. The true religion, which is walking with God, is man relating with God in such a way that God talks to him and tells him what to do, and he is doing what God tells him to do. That is what Jesus came to perfect. All these men I mentioned walked with God (that is, God was talking to them, telling them what to do, and they were doing what God was telling them to do), but not to a point of doing nothing but what God was telling them to do. Jesus came to show us how to so depend on God, that we do absolutely nothing but what God tells us to do. Which means, unless God spoke to us and tell us what to do, we do nothing. That is, waiting on God 24 hours of the day to tell you what to do before you do anything at all. This is the type of life Jesus lived that made him say, "The world must learn that I love the Father and that I do exactly what He commanded me to do." [John 14:31; John 12:49-50; John 5:30]
The true religion is loving God. To love God means to do exactly what God commands you to do. This means that God must be talking to you, commanding you by telling you what to do, and you are doing nothing but what He tells you to do. That is what it means to walk with God. So many people, especially those who call themselves Christians, claim to walk with God, they are far from walking with God. Unless God is talking to you, telling you what to do, and you are actually doing what He tells you to do, you are not walking with God. The fact that you are designated a Christian and belongs to a church does not mean you walk with God, neither does it mean you are special to God. If you like call yourself a general overseer, archbishop, pope or any name you like. All that is rubbish. God is not looking for Christians. He is looking for those who will walk with Him, whether they are Moslems or Buddhists or whatever religion you have. Will He find you? Someone may say, "What if I don't hear from God? What if God does not talk to me, is that my fault?" Well, the truth is that God talks to every human being, but most people don't hear him. And Jesus said, "He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God." (To be continued)

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