A repeat of what transpired in the Aba Women riot in 1929 unfolding once again. The Biafran women who fought the imperialist British evil empire taxes on the innocent citizens of Igbo Nation;  has once more surfaced again, as the IPOB warriors (mothers) took to the street of Owerri in IMO State on the 17th August 2018, registered their displeasure over the abduction of her son Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and parents since 14 September 2017 at his hometown whose only crime was he (Kanu ) was only exercising his fundamental right to freedom and the Nigerian military men invaded his home and ransacked and killed scores of Biafran volunteers and animals.

The IPOB women were demanding for Biafra Referendum and the release of their son and Leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whose hometown at Isiama Ama Afara Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia Province of Biafra was invaded on the 14 September 2017 by the Nigerian terrorist military under the government of Mohammed Buhari (a.k.a Jubril Aminu imposter from Sudan). IPOB Leader is still missing and has been kept incommunicado to the citizens of Biafra Nation. His parents have remained missing after the invasion of Nigerian terrorist military personnel at his hometown and the world are silent over the ugly situations in Nigeria because of their economy interest.

The Nigerian security operatives arrested about 100 IPOB women on the 17th Of August 2018 for demanding the whereabouts of their son and parents. aged women within the age of 60 and above were detained, molested, assaulted by the Nigerian security operatives. This is a crime against humanity. Our father's and youths must rise to fight against these injustice in our land.

However, according to IPOB Media crew who covered the court proceedings today the 20th August 2018 has it below:

 IPOB women remanded in prison as court denies jurisdiction to grant bail at a magistrate court sitting in Owerri on this day the 20th August 2018 has denied the jurisdiction to grant bail to IPOB women who were arrested by the IMO State police command on the 17th of August 2018. The activists are faced with Ten count charges, which includes (i) Treason (ii) Terrorism and other baseless charges. Recall that massive number of unarmed IPOB women, who exercised their human right to freedom of assembly on the 17th of August 2018 as enshrined in the Nigeria Constitution, were molested, assaulted and arrested by the Nigeria Combined Force Team. The women were not only detained for more 24hours without trial, but denied proper medical attention.

This resulted to a pregnant woman, bleeding and a woman within the age of 60 and above, were also detained, assaulted and denied proper medical attentions, by their Family members. There was peaceful demonstration in the court, as women stripped naked and refused the security agents from transferring the women to prison custody. Women sighted crying and raining curses on the Nigerian government, in reaction to the illegal detention of the women. IPOB Legal Team are processing the Bail Application, which will be filed before a High Court. Court adjourns the matter, to 3rd of September 2018.

However, join me as I take you down the history linen. THE IGBO WOMEN RIOTS, 1929. In addition to indirect Rule, the uprising in Warri was fundamentally as a result of the British attempt to tax all Nigerians, including women to pay for the war. The first revolt started in Warri in 1928. The second one was at Calabar, followed by Owerri. In Owerri, according to Miss Perham's native Administration in Nigeria. made this following statement below;

"In Owerri Province, in the heart of the Igbo Nation, where a particularly dense population inhabits the palm forest, there is a place called Oloko. Here a warrant Chief, Okugo, under instructions from the District Officer, was making a re-assessment of the taxation wealth of the people. In this he attempted to count the women, children, and domestic animals".

It all started when Warrant Chief (Thief) Okugo of Oloko sent a messenger - Mazi Mark Emereuwa, to conduct the count. On entering one compound, Mazi Emereuwa met madam Nwanyeruwa, a window, with her children processing palm oil. After introduction, the messenger wanted to know how many people lived in the house. Reacting in anger, Madam Nwanyeruwa challenged him: Is your mother counted! At this point, Fracas developed, with a free-fall-all fight.

The news spread, confirming an "all women and animal taxation" riding into town under the guise of census assignment. Women all over the town vowed never to allow the white-man levy tax on them, more so, at a time when families were in great distress. Scores of women converged, followed with mass demonstration. The women embarked on massive destruction of government property and office.

This was known as Igbo Women Riot 1929.

During the second week of December 1929, the revolt had spread to Aba - a trading centre on the railway line. Thousands of women, scarcely dressed, converged, singing war songs against the chiefs, court messengers and British occupation. They attacked and destroyed foreign trading stores and banks, broke into prisons and released the prisoners. It happened in Owerri capital, in Calabar, and other major cities and town in Igbo land.

Colonial soldiers were called in, and many women were gunned down, with many more wounded. Till day at the Union Bank Aba, stands a huge tree, making the burial site of more than 25 Igbo (Biafran) women killed by British soldiers during the revolt. The tree continues to reverence, but remains a sacred landmark in the annals of Igbo (Biafrans) encounter with British imperialism and deaths in Igbo (Biafra) land.

The killing of Igbo (Biafran) women by armed British colonial soldiers did not deter the women; in fact, the women became more determined, not only to fight the soldiers, but to put an end to high. taxes; to abolish corrupt Native Courts, to remove the Chiefs and clerks, and stop the unfair trade practices by British traders instituted and enforced by the occupation army and police.

The Igbo (Biafran) women revolt against the British in November 1929 is most significant: First, it reinforced and exemplified the entire Igbo (Biafrans) bitterness against occupation of their land; against injustice and oppression instituted by the British. It also provided an incredible insight into the life, and the loose ends in Igbo-blood when confronted with injustice and oppression by any one.

In their determination to free Igbo (Biafra) land from the shackles of British imperialism, the women "sat" on the British District Officer, following him wherever he went, insisted he signed a paper repudiating tax payment by women; abolish colonial courts. and dismiss the British appointed chiefs.

In many areas, the angry women did not wait: they manhandled the colonial chiefs, seized their office regalia, forcing them to resign. Sometimes, the women set their homes on fire if the chief refused to resign.

In summary, the IPOB women detained is just the beginning of the end of the Nigerian government and her collaborators. The governor of IMO State Rochas Okorocha and her master Mohammed Buhari must be held responsible if anything should happen to these warriors. Massive protest the world has not witnessed before shall spring up soon to shake the evil foundation of Nigeria for molesting our mothers. The British foot soldier in the name of Nigeria security operatives shall see what the wised for. Molesting and maltreatment of our mother's will never be tolerated henceforth. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH FOR THE BRITISH IMPERIALISM IN AFRICA.

Biafrans and friends of Biafrans, is time to shake the evil foundation of Nigeria now or never.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media (Igweocha Province)

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