By Arinze Chukwu (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The current defection from APC to PDP in Nigeria is what can be described as "Penny wise, pound foolish". Changing of political parties has nothing to do with the challenges facing the country. Instead of discussing how to change the corrupt Nigerian system of government, they are busy swapping from one party to another.

One Nigeria is not working, and the only solution to it is division. How can the same people who were in APC watching muhammadu Buhari sponsor the Fulani Islamic terrorist group called herdsmen, kill innocent indigenous peoples and keep quiet will now be jumping from one party to the other! What has that to do with the challenges facing the country?

Muhammadu Buhari is a dictator, which everybody knows, but the question remains, why have these men not come out to challenge him? This is because they are Birds of the same feather. If it is possible for Buhari, he could have moved to PDP and start telling people that it is APC that is the problem. For how long shall these evil politicians deceive us?

Nigerian politicians have no plan for the youths. They can only remember the youths during an election period, for the purposes of the campaign for them and that is all. Another election is fast approaching, and there are series of meetings with the youths, but when the youths have successfully helped them to rig in their own into power, the youths become “lazy people and good for nothing”. What a shame!

My personal advice to all those that still believe in one Nigerian slogan is to make a U-turn now and think twice because one Nigeria does not exist and the only solution to Nigerian crisis is to go back to how it was before the white men came to colonize the people of this area. Nigeria does not have the same value system, and there is no how they can live in peace. Let every ethnic group call for a referendum instead of getting PVC. Removing Buhari, and voting in Atiku or any other person is the same.

Support Biafra Referendum.
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  1. Man that was very entertaining and at the same time informative . 2020