■ Author : Chiukwuike Anagboso
■ Twitter : @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 17, Aug 2018

The ongoing unfair and disgusting treatment against the black race all over the world has gotten to a point where wise and godly people ought to start asking several simple but technical questions to most of tso-calledled international communities, especially the white-dominated and controlled ones like the UN, ICC, EU, US, UAE, e.t.c. Even some of the well known news outlets-especially the international media Channels like CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, e.t.c.-that the world supposed to count on based on their level of journalism, are understandably being pedalled by the white supremacists(the western Government) who control and force journalists to be selective in their work of journalism by directing them on which news to report to humanity at large and the areas to go for information extraction around the world. It is quite unfortunate that these international media houses and the journalists working with them have been compromised by the same evil people. In Africa, there are lots of ugly scenes going on which are not being reported by the international media. These include; the extra-judicial killings and extra-judicial torturillegalgal detention, massacre by the Islamic terrorist groups, intimidation and harassment of poor civilians by arm forces, e.t.c. We can use Nigeria -which was given the name "Giant Of Africa" -as a very nice case study where there are series of atrocities being committed against innocent civilians. This unrest and state-sponsored terrorism going are is as a result the of British government's engineering politics which has come to the consciousness of most wise observers. But the most painful aspect of it all is the inability of the world to question Britain on their immense interest in Nigeria politics which makes them continue in the share of corruption of the contraption called Nigeria in a form that can best be described as hypocrisy. Why can't the international bodies invite the British government for serious questioning? Or is the whole world afraid of Britain? How can a singular nation be so problematic to the whole world by causing confusion in a great continent like Africa, and even trying to bring catastrophe to the whole of humanity by making insightful statements likely to cause a world war III? This set of white men and women (the white supremacists) see the blacks as animals that are most useful for recreation or entertainment purposes and for experimentation, while they milk the resources from their land. Africa which was initially the most peaceful continent has been turned to a battlefield where the western world comes to sell and test the weapons they produce.

They give them arms to kill themselves while they(Supremacists) continue to steal the endowment of the blacks, both human and land resources. This is because they see blacks as senseless, unequal, nonentity, irrelevant people. Before one starts saying that blacks are abandoning their homes to migrate to other parts of the world, he should endeavour to ask questions like why are they running out of the same place that seems to be the most endowed in nature; the most blessed lands above other parts of the earth where there is no or little strange climatic situations? Is Africa worth running out of? And, by the way, who is the first to start migrating to foreign lands if not the white men who left their homes and decided to come into Africa for exploitation, using colonialism as a disguise; What a misnomer? They came seeking a greener pasture in Africa, and by seeing they are still unaware of what God has blessed them with, exploited their human and land resources with impunity. This white supremacist treated, and are still treating blacks -whose lands they invaded without permission as rags for scrubbing and dusting work by taking them as slaves from their own homes to most parts of the world where they were forced to serve. Today they tell the story in the other way round; what an insolence on a supposedly kingly people who they should appreciate for helping build their nations? The people of Biafra have been suffering all forms of inhuman and degrading treatment in the hands of the Nigerian state, as engineered and sponsored by the British government in collaboration with their business partners who loot the Biafran treasury, causing conflict among brethren as their means of isolating the eyes of the world from their heinous criminality. Today, some international bodies like Amnesty International(AI) have stood up boldly enough to condemn the inhumanity against the Biafrans in Nigeria, but those Supremacists of, mainly, the white extraction have, in many ways tried to frustrate the well investigated and documented reports with both picture and video evidence. However, the same political games of using someone from among a people of a particular ethnicity, region or race to subdue them can be observed to have played its way in the recent selection of a Biafran as the ICC president by the ruling white supremacists. All these have been going on, and most people are observant to it, knowing fully well that it is a fact which supposed to be exposed for the humanity to be aware, but nobody has been bold enough, to tell the truth of what has been going on. Therefore, it should be noted that if war eventually erupts in the upcoming Biafra Referendum being championed and campaigned by IPOB and its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the same set of wicked, selfish and criminal white supremacists -who are mainly the British government and their allies- are the cause, and should be held responsible. A word is enough for the wise!

Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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