■Author:  Fred Onyeali 
■Twitter:: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 22, Aug 2018
BIAFRANS we should not lose our anger, we must take it easy, we see a broad daylight injustice against our Women in Nigerian Court, we see the quietness of the so-called Elders of Igboland which is not surprising to me because there is no Igbo Politician or any member of Ohaneze that has not been bought over.

If you can remember the Speaker of either Ákwá Ibom or Cross River State that confessed that Buhari offered him #2 billion to defect to his Party and he rejected it, he had the bravery and fearlessness to say this because he rejected the offer, could it be that he accepted the offer he automatically becomes a slave to Buhari and caged, he can never in any way even if his family members were killed he can never open his mouth and speak against Buhari govt and if he tries it he will be threatened with EFCC and he will close his mouth. This is just what the so acclaimed Igbo leaders and Politicians are passing through, it is not easy for them, but they don't have an alternative. Director Nnamdị Kanụ said "ịmara nke mere kwuo ya" Nnamdi Kanụ was able to stand and boldly spoke against Buhari's evils because he did not sale his Soul through Buhari's Satanic offer. Everything happening now is normal in freedom fighting especially in an uncivilised Islamic society like Nigeria. Freedom is not cheap, all the arrests, intimidations harassment, accusation of Treason, Terrorism and planning to wedge War against the government are all that one can see in freedom fighting because your oppressor is not happy to allow you to be free and so will destroy your image to show the World you are evil, they are the price we must pay for our freedom. Mandela and his group knew what they were fighting for, he was accused of all these Crimes and was imprisoned for 27yrs a lot of People died along the line, but they continued and got their freedom.
Those that enjoy the benefits of freedom are not those that fought for it but the generations that come after them, nevertheless our names will be written in Gold in the history books. It is so unfortunate that some are ignorantly blaming Ipob for protesting that lead to arrests and all that and I ask them can you fight for freedom without protests? The number of protesters on the Street is a referendum on itself, it sends the message to the World of how many among the population that share the same view, it tells the World that if about 80% of the people are demanding for this, you must give it to them. The protests we are doing both in the Zoo and in diaspora made the World to know more about Biafra the way it is now.
A lot of people when they see any misfortune befallen our people they begin to shout, can you remember those calling to confront Nigeria military when they were killing our people who were protesting, IPOB could have made the worst mistake so ever if they had followed that feeling of some weak minded people. Look at Ambazonia that took that step what is happening there now. We must follow them wisely. I am grateful to our gallant Legal team who are working tirelessly to free our People arrested, and I want to encourage other Lawyers to join the team, I believe that if all the Lawyers in Biafraland can join this team, the story will be different. Let us keep faith with Ipob, even though I'm not in the decision-making team I still believe in them because anyone living in the Western World who cannot bring out his mind and fight for Biafra is a fool forever. We must win All Hail Biafra

  Published By Udeagha Obasi

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