The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Sunday 22 July, 2018 inaugurated a new family unit at Ndegu-Ubochi at Okposhieshi in Ngbo Ohaukwu LGA Ebonyi north senatorial district Ebonyi state Biafra land.

The inauguration took off with words of admonition taken from the scripture in the book of Genesis chapter 49, by the IPOB district coordinator of Ebonyi north, Mazi Ezike Wisdom, speaking from the scripture, he said that Biafrans are the tribe of Gad the son of Jacob (Israel) that is why they are different from other tribes in Africa and Nigeria. He took them back to the history how Eri the son of Gad left the camp of Israel on their way from Egypt to the promised land of Canaan, when evil and corruption entered the camp of Israel due to Moses’s absence, because he went to the mountain to collect the ten commandments from Yahweh.

Thereafter he explained to them the need to come out to support the struggle for Biafra restoration, saying that Nigeria is an expired nation and it is no longer good for anything than to discard it. He prayed them to do their best in contributing to the IPOB lead by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's agitation for Biafra restoration because Biafra is the last hope of mankind and the continent of Africa.

Speaking shortly after the admonition Mazi Ojima Kenneth, the Ohaukwu LGA IPOB coordinator, expressed his joy over the level of cooperation from the people of Ndegueshi on how they came out in a large number to join the moving train of IPOB. He further encouraged them to feel relaxed and glad because IPOB family is the best place to be. Mazi Ahamefuna the coordinator of Ndulo Ngbo family unit urged them to be bold and be fearless even before the enemies of Biafra, because fear kills a man before dead. On his own side, Mazi Tobias Okorie said that their little contributions will make much impact in the struggle therefore they should not hide and complain they cannot contribute anything or feel that no one hears them or know what they are doing.

Speaking before the official inauguration and oath of office taken, Mazi Ogeh Friday Igiri the Ebonyi state IPOB media head encouraged them to focus their attention and mind their business which is to get Biafra restored. He further noted that people will mock and call them names, because of their decision and move to join IPOB in the struggle for Biafra restoration. He urged them to work with the media because it is the only way the world will know of our plight.

The oath of office and inauguration was conducted to formally welcome them to IPOB family lead by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, hundreds of people both elders, young men, ladies and gentlemen from within and outside the community attended the inauguration.

Speaking shortly after the inauguration, Ali Chinedu a member of IPOB in Enugu who mobilised his people to join IPOB and lead the team of inauguration to his home town, expressed his gladness on seeing his people came out in a large number to accept the gospel truth propagated by IPOB. Elder Nwalegu speaking for and on behalf of the elders, who prayed and blessed the entire members of IPOB and her supreme leader wherever he might be, said that Biafra must be restored despite what the enemies are doing because, Biafrans had suffered a lot in the hands of the tyrant Nigeria government since 1967, during the Biafra war which Nigeria and their foreign allies joined to decimate millions of Biafrans of which women and children were the highest victims.

Awoke Blessing who is the unit women leader said she will work hard to bring more women within and outside the community to the family. The secretary to the new family unit Alegu Emeka advised his people to be careful with the oath taken to become a member of IPOB because going contrary to it will be dangerous.  Odo Sunday, another member of IPOB in Enugu as well as an indigene of the community who came back to witness the inauguration noted that it is high time Ebonyians look back home to do the needful and support those who are in the struggle at home because it is not easy anywhere especially those at home.

Finally, before the event was brought to an end; Mazi Eze Chukwuemeka, the coordinator of the new unit, expressed his gratitude over the cooperation gotten from his people, he assured them and the entire IPOB family that he will work hard to see the struggle for Biafra restoration thrive in their community and beyond.

The event was brought to an end with closing pray and heart-warming Biafra songs.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri & Okorie Tobias
For: Ebonyi State Media.

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