■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ July 5, 2018 In a poetic spoken word done by my comrade Chibuike Agba, a member of BGT and Umuchiukwu Writers, I restricted this very caption and was caught by its feelings. He captioned it "SECOND COMING OF THE RISING SUN". I was captivated by this phrase. The sun is a heavenly body that was made by the Creator Himself. There are more mythical agendas to what we know regarding the natural rise of the sun from Biafra land. Thousands of years, this sun had risen in mysterious ways unknown to mankind. This is why we lived in harmony, peace and in a united body before the colonialism of Africa took place. In those years, we have no police, army, vigilant groups nor any sort of security but no man ever cheated on his brother. We shared and maintained our farmlands boundaries because we feared the exposure of things instigated by the shining light from above the sky. There came a time when things went wrong, and the mysterious elements were taken away; just like Adam and Eve who ate the forbidden fruit and were taken away from the mysterious garden, Biafrans were also deprived that mysterious elements and henceforth suffered gravely. The great Icon Achebe quoted "Things Fall Apart". This rising sun is coming for the second time because, according to Chibuike Agba, "At the end of the tunnel, is the second coming of the rising sun". It will come back again, and its bearer shall return first. About the duty of John the Baptist to Christ so is the bearer of the rising sun in this century. He was once was but was taken and kept incommunicado. His second coming will negate the rising sun. The surest thing is that, the rising sun cannot come back without he that bears its burden. He will return, and will even risk his life more, just like Samson did.
He came like the Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, and he walked round to call together the lost sheep. He knew their voices so do the sheep. But as always, the prodigal sheep is there to make things look difficult.
He is coming back as a warrior. His armouries and weapons have been assembled. He shall be appropriately dressed, and thence begins his second-time journey. Those who refused to listen to him will then regret it because it shall be late for them.
His mission is simple, and it is crystal clear that he's a prophet. He bears the burden of the rising sun, and the sun shall rise again after his second coming.
Yes, he is coming back. Miraculously, he shall appear again and the last miracle of the earth shall take place, and the kingdom shall rise again.

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