■Author: Victor Njoko
■Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■July 13, 2018

The Usman Dan fodio jihad of 1804 is repeating itself again. One of the forefathers Amadu Bello promised to deep the Koran into the ocean, which means Islamisation of the southern protectorate. Fulani's were never endemic in the present day northern Nigeria, but they migrated from Saudi Arabia with the aim of Islamizing Biafrans.

The fallacious news been spread by the Nigeria media which have eaten the brain of the gullible that is captioned "herdsmen farmers clash" who is clashing with who? There is no way the whole farmers in a community can or will clash with the whole of the herdsmen who are strangers and are resident in the bush (Bororo Fulani ) even if there Is any clash who is the one causing the clash? It's the Hausa Fulani who deliberately leaves their cows to graze on peoples farmland.

Their aim of killing the southern protectorate is in order to enslave them for their egoistic interest, that is why over 200 hundred people were killed because of the cow. we all know that there are two type of Fulani's the nomadic ( Bororo or Bororo) and the nonnomadic Fulani's. The nomadic Fulani's (Bororo) are the ones who wage war against the indigenous owner's of the land while the nonnomadic Fulani's occupies the land of the people who have been driven away by the nomadic Fulani's (Bororo) .that is, they work together to ensures that their victims are totally annihilated.

It is historically clear that since the 17th century Biafrans, Yoruba's and the original Hausa have been occupying the land with the bight of Biafra located at Calabar side, and have been living separately as the neighbour's before the conglomeration of noncongenital people by the obscurantism and imperialistic British government.
After the Islamisation of the Hausa's including Kwara state owned by the Yoruba's and also failed attempt to Islamize Biafrans, the Fulani's have been looking for a way to establish a caliphate in the north central of Nigeria which makes them maintain the rivalry between the Biafrans and the Igbera people in early 18th century (tropics in west African by Adu bohin) Fulani's are natural boisterous and pugnacious, Wahhabism and jihadism is their outdo. The killings mostly in the Christian dominated north central region does not clash but a planned jihad and Islamization of other regions in disguise.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers
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