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■July 17, 2018
It is no longer a hidden motive to the people of All Progressive Congress(APC), on making sure that they take over the whole country no matter what it may cost. This intention of theirs has for a long time been harboured and polished well even before the emergence of President Buhari as the president in 2015.
By now, it should have been clear before the eye of every Nigerian citizen on the eagerness and extremism of the people of All Progressive Congress and their will to take charge of every state in Nigeria with the reflection of what happened in Ekiti State. Some people have always come up with the idea of using Permanent Voters Card(PVC) to vote out any political party of their choice across the country, but they actually fail to consider the implications and reality behind this PVC. In the real sense, the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) undergoes some due process before been issued out to anybody applying to it. The idea of collecting one's data and personal information every four years is not just for a norm. Each time one registers for a PVC, the necessary information and requirement needed for a vote to be counted as one vote per head has already been actualised, and the election already is done. It is now left in the hands of the present administration of the hierarchy that is still on the seat to decide with the chairperson at the INEC'S Office, who then emerges as the elected personnel.

Considering all these processes involved in the registration of PVC, you will come to know and understand that you coming out on the scorching sun or rainfall to vote the person of your choice is absolutely irrelevant.an is PVC REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS BEFORE THE ELECTION. 1)Personal Data 2)Personal passport 3)Your Personal Ten fingerprints all for PVC. Recall that, before the idea of PVC was introduced in the country, elections has always been ongoing in the country with a certified progression wherein each person who wants to vote a particular party, will go directly to the box and collum of the party to thumbprint and register his or her name for that very party. But today, these idea has been abolished and privatised by the federal government in other to make manipulation easy in any election that is to be conducted across the country. Ekiti state's election tells it all. After a thorough inquiry, I came up to the understanding that a vote countered is a PVC already registered. Incisively, lets equate November 18 Anambra election and Ekiti State's governorship election and analyse it critically. Anambra election on 18th of November 2017 was boycotted and reflected with people sitting at home. The compliance to the call for a sit at home by IPOB was at the highest rate and huge reflection. But the Nigerian government still came up with huge numbers and figures to declare a winner and was yet willing and ready to defend it beyond every reasonable doubt.

My question now remains, how then was these very move made possible by the Nigerian Government if not PVC. Ekiti States Election shows some places, wards, units and zones wherein ballot boxes, ballot papers and voters units were destroyed. They were able to bring out numbers and figures to declare a winner. Then someone needs to tell me how these were possibly achieved? I then quote again, "a registered PVC is a vote already counted" No wonder they will always of people to go and obtain their PVCs. In as much as we keep keeping adamant about the real things in this country, our fundamental human rights will always be deprived from us. We must have to understand that every single sector, arms and governmental departments in this country, has already been privatised by a particular extremist ethnicity. The rest of other ethnicity are now to live with a future undesirably ascertained. If we do not wake up to retrogress and interrogate expediently with an effect of achieving our rights, then shall we learn to live relatively as a slave with no choice. A call for a referendum is not a call for war.

We all must stand to our ground and quest from the Nigerian Government our date for a referendum. We must also learn to boycott and sit at home on days of any election and we must finally also learn to cut short our throats and always be contented with all we have and then willfully fight for our right with no single line nor reckless. Until these are done, then shall we emerge greatly from the bight of Biafra as the rising sun in Africa. Referendum remains the only solution to Nigeria's problems.

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