By Amandikwa Chukwugoziem (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The saying that "Nothing is hidden under the sun” implies that no matter how much men try to keep things secret, it must surely be exposed one day. It may happen during his lifetime or at death. This reminds us what the Holy Book- the Bible, said, that “at the end of time the sea will bring up what it swallowed, the earth will bring out what it had eaten”. The activities of evil men will surely be exposed on the mountaintop for all eyes to see. Little did we wonder how men do what they call “open confession" before death?

Everyday people continue to narrate horrifying stories of things happening in their neighbourhood. One who is on the side of truth has nothing to fear or lose. If any structure is founded on an untruthful foundation, certainly it must collapse no matter how long it takes. The point is that the truth about the operations of Boko Haram and their cousin sister, the Herdsmen is gradually coming out at the end of the day.

These groups that have been causing mayhem in Nigeria have been in the safe haven of the Nigerian government, even though they claim not to have anything to do with them. The unanswered question about the operations of these groups relates to where they get their sponsorship from that they operate with such sophisticated weapon that beat any imagination. At one point Nigerian government will tell the world that they conquered these terrorist groups and that the state is secured.

But on the contrary, Alhaji Laiwole Mohammed’s information doesn’t seem to be reliable. This is clarified by the statement of General Theophilus Danjuma, who on the 24th March 2018, while addressing his people at the convocation ceremony of the Taraba state university, he said "we must resist it, these killings by herdsmen. We must stop it. Every one of us must rise up and defend ourselves. The armed forces are not neutral "They collude with the armed bandits that kill people". Truth is bitter.

Senator Shuhe Daniel, of Kaduna central in his short statement on Facebook, said, “You can't claim to know Buhari more than Danjuma does! You can't claim to know Danjuma more than Buhari does! You can't lecture Buhari and Danjuma about war and peace. Buhari has heard Danjuma's radio message. And I believe he has decoded the message. The nation is tiptoeing through a minefield; the generals are experienced to know that its fate lies in every step".

The most significant issue, of which the truth surrounding it would emerge, has to do with the continued deployment of soldiers to Biafra land. The Nigerian government may claim, it is to maintain law and order in the land. But, it is clear that it is not their constitutional role, to do such duty but the defence of the country against external aggression.

An analyst Nnamdi Obasi says "the army cannot continue doing the job of the police because they are not trained to deal with internal security challenges. He went further to say the episodic deployment of military forces will not solve the Nigeria internal security challenges. The truth of it all is one day the truth about the whole thing will emerge, and in the meantime what is left for us Biafrans, is to defend ourselves according to general T Y Danjuma to avoid ethnic cleansing which the Buhari administration has embarked upon.
Biafra restoration is the last hope.

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