Analysing the so-called history of the contraption called Nigeria and why this failed experiment must be dissolved immediately without much delays. The Lugardian experiment in West Africa (Nigeria) is a crime against humanity. One of the very painful and shocking event was that the fraudulent 1914 amalgamation was an error to start with.

By 1900, the north was already known as Nigeria and the entire south was a distinct entity. By 1914 where the Lagos colony and the south protectorate were forcefully joined with the north, the north has existed as Nigeria for 14 years. In other words, Nigeria already existed for 14 years before we were forcefully enlisted into it.

In 1914, Nnamdi Azikiwe was 10 years old. Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello were younger. Today they are referred to as the founding fathers of Nigeria. It beats my intelligence how children could take such critical decision to form a country.

This is the first slap on our collective sensitivities. Our fathers swallowed this bitter lie. But I can't! If we must renegotiate Nigeria in the first place, we must start by asking these pertinent questions:

·        How did we get here?
·        Who made us Nigeria and under what terms?
·        Who owns this entity called Nigeria and on what grounds are we required to protect its unity?
·        And more importantly, have we ever agreed to stay together?
·        Ask those questions and watch how history will leave you in tears.

Let me scream it. The 1914 amalgamation itself was an error! It's self-punishment to work with an error and expect to arrive at a solution. Removing this error is like removing a toothache; there are no half measures. It's either you remove the tooth or you stay with the pain.

I feel so insulted each time I hear words like "the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable". An individual cannot say that to me. A state, nation, country cannot tell me that rubbish. Not even the United Nations! You cannot coerce me into a marriage and expect me to stay loyal. It's grand foolishness on your part to think I will keep myself enslaved under your well-spelt-out oligarchy. I won't allow you make me feel like a conquered slave.

Think About This!

1.     We all pretend as if we don't know the Hausa/Fulanis are never wrong in the presence of the Nigeria army (If you doubt this, have an argument with your Hausa/Fulani gateman take him to army barracks/checkpoint and see who will do frog jump).

2.     We all pretend as if we don't know the police cannot arrest any Hausa/Fulani for walking about with knives.

3.     We all pretend as if we don't know that the Nigeria police do not harass or arrest a Hausa/Fulani that does not have driver's license.

4.     We all pretend that we don't know that the Hausa/Fulani Muslim can block a federal road to conduct their Jumaat on Friday and nothing will happen.

5.     We all pretend that we don't know that Buhari has repositioned the Hausa/ Fulanis in ALL strategic positions in Federal government establishments in such a way that in the next 20 years, they will all be at the top.

Let us be pretending about this useless Nigeria.

The truth is, our silence today is the payment received for our children slavery.

Nevertheless, the Nigeria you see today we shall see her no more if all hands are on deck to dismantle this unholy marriage and hook put on our various neck to live with these murderous agents in West Africa (WA).

Now let's discuss about the United States of Biafra (USB) the most holy land in the world. There has been a school of thoughts who thinks Biafra should emerge simultaneously without any much delays because is a nation that has lasted for about 5000 years which indeed am among the school of thought who believes the United States of Biafra (USB) should emerge because her citizens have suffered a lot.  And the Nation of Biafra has always been in the world map till date. How did we get here? How did we lose our sovereignty? Who signed the treaty in 1914? Why do the northern Nigerians think they have such monopoly to control the entire eastern region? Now somebody is thinking far.

"From the dawn of history, she (Biafra) has been visited with many scourges first, from her strength, she was made slave and in slavery her ability marketed her out for resentment and persecution. In persecution her resilience led from murder to massacre, massacre to pogrom and genocide. These self-same attributes-strength, ability, and resilience ensured for her fulfilment of her destiny".

A man to whom the state (Nigeria) brings no benefit has every right and indeed is obliged to question the oneness of that state if perforce it must include him. For a Man to whom unity remains that of a Jonah in the belly of the whale, that man must question his situation. He is not comfortable in the whale’s belly. It is dark, it is soggy. He wants to be out. Least he dies. This man owes it to himself to get out despite the fact that the whale (Nigeria) has felt no comfort. To this man in extreme lies the obligation to quit.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the Director of Radio Biafra / BIAFRA TV has taken this burden upon himself in making sure the sovereignty of BIAFRA is restored back. The Nigeria government with her foreign aliens has declared him wanted because he seeks for the liberation of her people. BIAFRA activist has never given up on the quest to restore motherland and nothing born of a woman can stop the sovereignty of BIAFRA Nation from emerging.

And I want to use this medium to ask the world series of questions again to know the reasons why they don't want the sovereign state of Biafra to emerge.

·        What is the crime of the Indigenous People?
·        Does the Biafran citizen has the right to agitate for a sovereignty of her own?
·        Is Self-Determination a crime?
·        What exactly is the world powers afraid to tell the world about BIAFRA?
·        Do the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has the solemn right to live or have a nation of hers?
·        What is really is our crime?

There are a lot of questions to ask but time wouldn't let me do that.

And in summary, tell the world why you don't want the United States of Biafra (USB) to emerge as a sovereign state of her own. And I will give you thousands of reasons why the rising sun (Biafra) should emerge without much delays.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media (Igwuocha Province)

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