The Heroes: They died that we might live

Honour to Biafran Heroes is shame to Nigerian war criminals like Buhari and Obasanjo; Biafrans do it in style!

By Dave O. Umahi
For Biafra Choice Writers

Since the instituting of the Biafra Heroes Day (held May 30 every year), by their leadership – the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Biafrans have been faced with two options.
The first option was to adhere to it, which would be a sure sign that they are repudiating everything Nigeria has done in trying to stop Biafra – both during and after the war of 1967 – 1970. The second option became to reject it, which would mean accepting everything that Nigeria and its leadership, backed by pernicious Britain, has done to stop Biafra. Some of the things they did includes the starving of innocent children, women and the old; the strafing of hospitals, markets, train stations, schools, and all places where the non-combatants are found.
They were too young, But had no choice than to fight and defend themselves
Reports so far show that today, May 29, 2018, many Biafrans have tilted to the first option. They have chosen to stay at home to remember their dead, whose death have been spearheaded by Nigeria’s evil men over the years. These evil men include the arch-genocidists, Yakubu Gowon; Murtala Mohammed; Obafemi Awolowo; Muhammadu Buhari; Olusegun Obasanjo; Bejamin Adekunle; and several others.
They have their reasons for daring the Nigerian government and going with the Biafrans. The first is their conviction that their honoring their dead would mean indicting and dishonoring those Nigeria has termed to be their Heroes. Imagine naming a Nigerian airport after Murtala Mohammed who lined up innocent and unarmed men at Asaba and short them in cold blood. This was the same man that robbed the central bank of Nigeria at Benin before he got to Biafraland. Imagine honoring Gowon who supervised the murder of up to 3. 5 million Biafrans to force them to become Nigerians.
They equally know that remembering the Biafra heroes usually drives serious conscience pangs into the hearts of the still-living Nigeria war criminals like Buhari and Obasanjo. They know that as reason why they will always deploy the police and army to kill anyone that would do anything to remember them (or the world) of the atrocities they have committed.
So this year, remembrance of Biafran Heroes is in top gear all over the world – from the eastern part of the world to the west. As usual, Biafrans in Biafraland will stay at home in quietness of spirit to reflect on the lives of those killed by Nigeria since 1916 till death. Those in countries of the world will hold rallies, marches, conferences, and any other thing they deem fit to announce the plight of Nigeria to the world.
Welcome Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day, May 30, 2018!

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