■ Author:  Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah   
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■ May 22, 2018

Heaven and earth will continue to mourn our gallant heroes and heroine's massacred in cold blood by murderous Islamic government of Nigeria in collaboration with British government from 1945 till date, the blood of innocent Biafrans spilled on the street's of Biafraland is seeking for justice until the needful is done Nigeria and British government will continually experience one calamity or the other. Indigenous people of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has once again announced the commemoration and mourning of their fallen heroes on 30th of May 2018,as they are more saddened than ever before over the maiming and spilling of blood of Biafrans by Nigeria security apparatus, who now abduct innocent Biafrans and take them to unknown places for easy execution, despite the warning by President of the United State of America Donald Trump to Nigeria President Muhammad Jubril Buhari to stop the killing of Christian's which are Biafrans. 30th of May is a very unique day in the lives of all Biafrans,it's a day the old Eastern region known today as south_south and south East proclaimed itself the "Republic of Biafra" in 1967, by the governor of the Region Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwa Ojukwu,it's also a day set aside by "IPOB" to commemorate and honour our gallant heroes and heroines whom were massacred during the genocidal war of 1967_1970,in which 2.6 Millons of our people were starved to death most of them were babies,children between the ages of two to five years and women as a result of food blockade imposed on us, during the calculated genocide war which was perpetrated by Nigeria and British government about 6.7 million Biafrans died and still counting,the only genocidal war in the history of the world without a war criminal. What led to the war of 1967 was as a result of indigenous people from the Eastern region attempting to protect themselves from a great violence, that has been organized and executed by arms of the federal government of Nigeria. Come 30th of May we must remember our gallant men and women even children of ten to twelve years were chanting "ojukwu nyeanyi egbe" meaning ojukwu give us weapon during the war, they stood gallantly to defend our land that we might have a place to call our home more especially they paid the ultimate price by sacrificing their lives for us, their death and sacrifice's can never be in vein,how can we forget the last word of Johnson Ndubueze who died during Donald Trump really in igweocha "Go and get Biafra for me" ,this young man have given us a task that most be done he sacrificed his life for us in return his expecting us to restore Biafra and remember him every 30th of May, his word echoes in my ears every blessed day and we own him a lot.
Am using this media to call on Biafrans, friend's of Biafrans, local and international sympathisers to please join hands in making this year commemoration of heroes day a successful one, by obeying the "Sit At Home" order in Biafra_land and different parts of Nigeria like Benue, Kaduna, Jos etc.

Every indigenous people whose people have been massacred and slaughter by the rampaging Fulani herdsmen and Boko_harm is advised to join the commemoration, all schools, Banks, motor park's, marketplaces etc. and every commercial activity should be shut down on 30th of May 2018 it's a day of sober_reflection. You are expected to buy all the foodstuffs you and your family and loved ones will eat on the 29th because there will be no movement on 30th, no cat's, no dog's or chickens outside.
Note of warning to you Anti_Biafra who think somehow you can open your shops and working place etc. on that day nothing will happen, but just should know that you are digging your own grave with your hands because the spirit's of our gallant heroes and heroines hovering the street's of Biafra_land will visit you.

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