The leadership and entire family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is horrified at the recent killing of over 46 innocent citizens in Kaduna State and the seeming silence of the majority over atrocities committed by a minority. It's appalling that the present APC Government led by Major General Muhammadu Buhari has continued to allow his tribesmen (the Fulanis) to use sustained killings and maiming to frighten and cower  Northern minorities and Christians all over Nigeria into accepting the bloodbath going on in parts of Southern Kaduna and parts of Middle Belt as a norm. 

The level of cowardice exhibited by the political class in Nigeria across every divide in the face of this unrelenting onslaught is so disgraceful there are no words to describe it. What this Buhari regime has succeeded in doing is using what amounts to state terrorism to subdue every dissenting voice in the land. People are detained at the whim of any high ranking person in Aso Rock with access to an army or police commander. It doesn't matter if the alleged crime can be substantiated or not as long as there are many loyalist judges to rubber stamp illegal detentions then nobody can stop them.

Judges and magistrates have been turned to prosecutors, persecutors and executioners at the service of the state. They are mandated to jail, detain and deny bail to any perceived enemy of the regime even when this means going against the Constitution of Nigeria. These judges now provide legal cover for Buhari's abuse of individual rights and fundamental liberties. Justice has been turned on its head due to the cowardice of men and dire need to prop up the existence of lazy people brought up on the myth that national survival is exclusively dependent on proceeds from oil and gas. In other words, without access to a natural resource like oil and gas these people are nothing, they are almost sub-human. 

What the spate of killings, arbitrary arrests, illegal detentions and political intimidations deployed by the controllers of the levers of power in Nigeria has done is to reinforce the message of IPOB that total dismemberment of Nigeria along ethnic lines and value system is the only solution going forward. Under the prevailing arrangement many more people will die needlessly as Nigeria heads full speed towards Somalia as predicted by our leader many years ago.

All affected communities in the Middle Belt and other Fulani herdsmen  besieged entities in the south has 30th of May 2018 sit-at-home to demonstrate their willingness to rid their land of these intruders from the Sahel. It's an opportunity to draw the attention of the international community to their plight. Only with the concerted attention of the civilised world will these marauding Fulani terrorists be contained and defeated. Every state and community across Nigeria affected by the menace of Fulani herdsmen and the absence of rule of law are advised to join IPOB on the 30th of May to sit-at-home to bring Nigeria to a halt in honour of those that died. 

As we Biafrans remember and honour those that fought and died for us, let every otger ethnic group in Nigeria that have suffered injustice also remember those that died unjustly at the hands of Fulani terrorists aided and abated by Nigerian security agencies.  

We are urging every Biafran, particularly Christians in the Middle Belt Region and Yoruba leaders to stand firm and observe this sit-at-home because Armageddon is coming and a coalition of the brave must come together to rise up to confront the evil from the Sahel. To do nothing is not an option. IPOB knew many years back that this day would come.  The overwhelming support given to Fulani ethnic cleansing agenda in the Middle Belt by the present APC Government have led them to perfect their plan to conquer and forcibly take over our land. 

It is crystal clear to every reasonable person that only the ideological stance of IPOB can stop all these killings and massacre of innocent citizens across  Nigeria. Self determination for all ethnic nationalities is the solution or else Fulani terrorists will overrun and overwhelm every single soul that dare raise his or her head up.

If not for the betrayal of Ohaneze Ndigbo and sabotage of IPOB efforts by South East governors, by now the barbaric killings and massacre of Biafrans and Christian populations on the Middle Belt will be a thing of the past. We remain undeterred in our quest to stop the march of the Jihadists into our land. Other ethnic nationalities must decide if they want to seize this golden opportunity to align with IPOB hence bring the pain and misery of everybody to a final stop. 


Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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