■ Author:  Okwunna Okongwu 
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■ May 25, 2018

WHY THIS DISDAIN AND DISRESPECT FOR NWODO AND OHANEZE? By Okwunna Okongwu We pleadingly crave your understanding and permission to publish this because, to a large extent, it addresses the agitation in the minds of many of our friends and relatives, especially with regards to our stance on Ohaneze. I plead to state that I live in the consciousness of that saying of our people, that nwanne onye na-agba ajọ egwu, ọkọ iku a na-akọ ya. By this, I mean that there are certain things IPOB could have done contrary to the expectation of the generality of the people, which naturally could have upset the same people. This justifiably calls for worry. On the other hand, I may not have seen that intolerance that many people seem to have noticed, hype, and fear. What I personally see is a jealous guarding of the principles of the revolution which is aimed at, (and has been ensuring) preventing the infiltration of the heart of the revolution by not so firm actors, with whom exists the possibility, chances, or likelihood of buckling under pressure (of any degree). Of course, human errors are inherent in humans. What becomes a problem is when people fail to learn from their mistakes. By this, I acknowledge that certain mistakes were certainly made, but as much as possible, the necessary lessons are being learnt. I think that those "empty" threats by IPOB are not altogether empty. I personally think and want to continue to see it from the angle of being part of the uncommon strategy. I may not be able, (due to time constraints), to detail you on my reasons. However, you can agree with me that the momentum of this restoration project is not waning at all. Will it surprise you, as it does many people, to know that I am just a Biafra, restoration enthusiast? I had been nursing this thought of Biafra restoration from childhood. When Uwazurike came, my mind never aligned with his for once because from the first day I saw/heard about him, in my spirit, I was told he is a thief. He didn't prove otherwise. But the first day I heard Nnamdi, (although people find it laughable), I was told he is God sent. This is why I am in tune with what IPOB does. Many people have confronted me on my seemingly avowed detest for Ohaneze. I have explained that is not the case. Ohaneze can take its restructuring campaign to Georgia, Papua New Guinea, Antarctica or wherever it chooses. I worry that it appears to me that Nwodo wants to extinguish the light of IPOB so that it will be the only one shining. My sincere desire is that 10 other lights be shining glowingly so that everywhere be full of light, without anyone feeling threatened by the other. In that case, certainly, the FG won't know which to antagonise, pursue, or combat, since everyone will be as potent, and/or lethal as the other. Do you not think that the FG was almost at the point of conceding to restructuring before the SE governors, in collaboration with Nwodo's Ohaneze, because of their egocentric filthy lucre hunger "prescribed" IPOB, upon which the FG stood to brand it a terrorist organization? Now, juxtapose that with the atrocities of the North and the disposition of their governors and Ọhaneze equivalent. I think that IPOB should serve as a buffer for Ọhaneze, whereby it should get whatever it wants, with IPOB as its caged dog, which can be unleashed at will. With that, the two can harmoniously, mutually, and beneficially work together. Where Nwodo is seemingly pursuing restructuring just for the personal gain of Nwodo and a few Judases like him among the Ọhaneze is entirely unacceptable to me. You may have noticed that my reference to Ohaneze, in all cases, does not generalize Ohaneze, but the ones among them, like Nwodo, blinded by the promise of this and that, for which they are prepared to receive money and kill themselves. (do you remember inye m ego, e gbuo m onwe m of the early '70s?) Thank you very much for taking your time express this concern which it is only somebody that feels great for another person will ever do. God bless your family Good morning. And I add, as usual... As we approach our HEROES DAY on the 30th of May, in honour and appreciation of our departed and living heroes and heroines, we remind every Biafran that this is a sacred duty, for which every Biafran is a debtor. Remember that by SIT AT HOME exercise on the 30th of May, 2018, we are unequivocally declaring our determination to ensure the discontinuation of the satanic British government occupation of our homeland and dear nation Biafra, through their proxy, the terroristic, parasitic, sadistic, tyrannical, genocidal, exploitative, and anarchical Nigeria.
God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. God bless Biafra. Come quickly

Edited/Published by Udeagha Obasi
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