Ogoni Land
The mobilization wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra embarks on community and person to person sensitization in Ogoni land on 7th may 2018.

Recall that the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra has appointed mobilization officers for each state and tribes in Biafra throughout the Eastern region before his apprehension by the Nigeria government.

Consequently, the team have been on the move to sensitize, educate, reconcile and reunite the Biafran people to stand up in one accord and demand for their right, which is the total restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

The team which consists of Mr Cosmos George, Mr Barilele Deekor, Ogoni, Mr Pomtera Nubaridoo, Ogoni, Mr O. T. Alegwuchi Ikwere and Mr Gabriel Leeleebari, Ogoni, left Port Harcourt at about 6:30am on Monday 7th May 2018 met with some prominent Ogoni sons in Yeghe community Bori Ogoni land, among who were: 

(1) Mr Mbeke Baribefi, chairman governor's forum Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority (OCIA).
Cosmos George the Leader of the team inform Mr Mbeke Baribefi on the imminent restoration of the United States of Biafra (USB) and the need to unit as a people in other realize our freedom dream which according to him everyone was yearning for.

Furthermore, he also informed Mr Mbeke that everything needed for Biafra freedom was ready but only Unity of all different ethnic groups within the region was lacking in the process.

The trilateral agreement of the 30 pillars of Biafra and the proposed government of Biafra with some sensitization audio CDs was also handed over to him for consideration.

Mr Mbeke in his response thank the team on his reception of the documents and promised to discuss the issue in the governor's forum of the Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority (OCIA)
And will get back to the team on a later date.

(2) Barrister, B.Z. Gabriel Gbaragbo, on meeting with the Barrister, Cosmos George explained to him the purpose of the visit, and also handed over a copy of the trilateral agreement with some audio CDs concerning the need for the entire region to unite for Biafra freedom, he further exclaimed that been unable to put aside internal differences was an obstacle to the freedom of the region, going alone as a tribe was suicidal, he added.

Barr. B. Z. Gbaragbo on his part was full of gratitude and prayed earnestly for the team, promising to go through the trilateral agreement and as well inform other intellectuals about the development.

(3) Elder Kpakue, upon hearing the good news of uniting for freedom, poured out his gratitude to team stressing that if this is what will end the suffering of the Ogoni people, then it’s worth doing.

(4) Osaro Benjamin Noobu, Youth President Barabe Nukpor community, together with some other youths under his jurisdiction who the team met in a waterside where they were manually digging out sand for sell.

 After been addressed on the purpose of the visitation, the youth leader was overwhelmed, but vented out his frustration on how the Ogoni people have suffered in hands of Nigeria government. And that he was sure that coming together to press home our demand was the best thing that can ever happen to the Eastern region otherwise known as Biafra, stressing that the Ogoni people have suffered enough.

Audio CDs on the trilateral agreement and why Unity is key, was also distributed to the youths.

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Written by:
Leeleebari Gabriel
For: Rivers State Media 

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