13th May 2018

ENUGU – The Indigenous People Of Biafra family in Udi local government area of Enugu province has welcomed another new zone during last Sunday 13th Of May 2018. The new zone was inaugurated on the same day by the principal officers operating under Udi local government area.

The commencement of the Inauguration begins immediately the arrival of the Local Government coordinator with his entourages by 16:20 hours Biafran time with opening prayer which kick off immediately led by a Biafran Veteran who is also among us. The Local Government coordinator made his opening address by appreciating the efforts of every individuals present at the venue and the great work made by making sure that IPOB family is extended to Obinagu in Affa Community.

The appointment of the zonal officers was made including the coordinator of the new zone and then follows taking IPOB Oath of allegiance to the Struggle.

Instructions and principles of IPOB was explained to them in other to know the do- and-don’ts of IPOB freedom fighters. Opportunity for questions, answers opinions, suggestions and Ideas was given to the floor members and they all made up beautiful points during the section. The finance area of the struggle was made known to them and also every necessary document was provided.

The upcoming Sit-At-Home Exercise, the Biafran Heroes Remembrance Day on 30th Of May 2018 was discussed and members of the new zone pledge to do everything possible to convince the Obinagu Affa Community obeys the Sit-At-Home.

A total number of 44 people were present at the event as the program ended under a very good atmosphere with closing prayer and every rejoiced.

All hail Biafra!!!

Written by:
Onu Nnamdi Isaac
For: Enugu Media Team

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