Biafra Heroes Day

Dave O. Umahi
For Biafra Choice Writers

Yesterday; Tuesday, May 8, another young and innocent Biafran was buried in his hometown in Biafraland. The offence of the young man, Chinedu Uwandu, was that he was in the compound of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), on September 14, 2017, Nigerian Army of occupation struck.
It was on that date the Nigerian Army carried out another of their illegal operations called Python Dance11. They had stormed the family compound of Kanu, brutally murdering nothing less than 27 defenseless Biafrans. And since then, Kanu and his parents have not been seen. Nobody knows what the Army did with them.
Uwandu's Burial
This is one of the ways Biafrans have been killed and murdered in Nigeria, by Nigerian government, since more than 60 years ago. Nigeria has always done this just to keep Biafrans subjugated to Fulani/British hegemony. IPOB has instituted the remembrance day since 2013, and have kept faith with it every year. Biafrans in all nooks and crannies of Biafraland have come to accept it that every year Biafraland is locked down in celebration. This year will not be an exception.
In the coming days Chimaobi Okafor, popularly known as Waka Waka Biafra will also be buried. Okafor was among the first media crew of the new Biafra thrust, publishing the hard-copies of Biafra Times and Biafra Herald, under Kanu. She was known for her itinerant coverage of Biafra events, even beyond Biafraland. It was believed that she was poisoned by Nigerian agents in Biafraland.
Chimaobi (Waka-waka Biafra)
So, come May 30 this month, Chimaobi and Uwandu will become part of dead Biafran heroes that will be remembered during the Heroes Day, which some people have tagged “Ofe Nsala Day”. To be remembered also are many Biafrans killed since 1918 till 1966 in the various massacres Northerners.
Biafrans will also be remembering the millions of Biafrans that were killed during the genocide of 1967 – 1970, which Britain and Nigeria have deceptively called Nigerian Civil War. During that period, many were killed by the strafing and bombing of civilian abodes like markets, hospitals, train stations, et al. it was a genocide action in which children, women and the aged were killed without mercy by the Gowon led Nigerian terrorist/genocide Army. Thousands of children were equally starved to death by Nigeria’s wicked government.
Even foreigners who performed heroic deeds in support of Biafra, and died, will be remembered as well. Among them is Bruce Mayrock, a 20-year-old University student who set himself on fire (and died) in front of United Nations office in order to draw attention to the sufferings children of Biafra. There was also Rolf Steiner and several other foreigners who stood for Biafra and lost their lives, even many pilots that flew into Biafra at night in their attempt to feed hungry Biafran children.
Biafrans will never forget.

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