Biafra: Full Update On How The Nigeria Army Killed Kelvin Nnamdi Ikemeh

Written By : Ugochinyere Onyechere
Edited By : Ezekwereogu John
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Following the uproar and rumours surrounding the killing of Kelvin Nnamdi Ikemeh by the Nigeria Army today the 30th Day of May 2018 at Uratta junction by Port-Harcourt road Aba, Umuchiukwu Writers took it upon themselves to investigate uncompromisingly the cause of the attack that took place leading to that heartbreaking news.

Lifeless body of Kelvin Nnamdi Ikemeh
being taking away By Nigeria Army after they
Shot him dead.

Visiting the area where it took place was a priority, and this helped us in getting the necessary details needed to fill this report sheet.

From our investigations, it was noted that the Nigerian army arrived at the junction as early as 7 am on that day been 30th May , 2018, and were determined to kill innocent Biafrans. From the excerpts which were derived from an interview granted to an eyewitness who pleaded to remain anonymous , the army which were suspected to be the 144 battalions Asa drove in and started shooting sporadically at people.

As this time, Nnamdi Kelvin who is said be in his late twenties, tall and dark in complexion was on white polo and short. He was supposed to be living at No 8 Chigbu street adjacent to the Uratta junction was crossing the road; according to his siblings, he was supposed to be going to see his mum who called him early today .
Unfortunately for him, he took to his heels on hearing the gun sounds, but eyewitnesses stated than Hausa army ran after him and pulled the trigger at the innocent man. 

Nnamdi died in this process, and every effort made to secure his remains proved abortive following the immediate moves by the soldiers who went straight to the spot, saw Nnamdi Laying lifelessly and dragged his dead body like a chicken into the Hilux van and carted away with it .

According to his family members, the remains of Nnamdi is yet unseen, and this has kept the family in tears and agony. However, they assured us official updates as cases would be made available in the court of law to justify the brutal killing of their brother .

Lifeless body of Kelvin Nnamdi Ikemeh being dragged by Nigeria Army.

“Nnamdi is not a criminal; he is a well known young man. He was not indecently dressed, so the Nigerian army has no reason to kill him. He is known and loved by all around him; this is the reason we must get justice for him” an eyewitness said bitterly .

The death of Nnamdi is a preamble of what would have been happening to us if not for the calling of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. IPOB has ordered a sit-at-home order today, and this is one among the reason we have slated this day to be a day to remember our fallen heroes so that they can fight with us as we restore our land Biafra.

Published By : Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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