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■ May 3, 2018

The Indigenous People Of Biafra had on 30th April 2018, registered their displeasure and anger in the hearts of the American citizens via a peaceful demonstration carried out in the White House, while the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari was accepted by the American President, Donald J Trump.

Biafrans from different countries, continents, regions, and zones assembled at Washington DC to show the entire humanity the real man behind the standing Muhammadu Buhari. Amongst their mission to Washington was also to show the world how Biafrans have been under marginalization and how they have been extrajudicially killed by the orders of the Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari, and to let the world know about their plight of exiting from Nigeria through a referendum process.

At the most, the Indigenous People Of Biafra were determined over conducting a DNA test that could reveal the true identity of Muhammadu Buhari whom was dead and buried in Saudi Arabia since July 2017 but was replaced by a Sudanese named Jubril.

For fear of not being humiliated by the formidable force of Biafrans at the white house, the Nigerian government rented some individuals to stand in opposition with Biafrans; funny enough, the rented people were early at the white house premises waiting for the arrival of Indigenous People of Biafra. Meanwhile, when the awaiting rented people of Muhammadu Buhari sighted the presences of Biafrans, they became afraid because the glorious momentum had kept them under the submissive mode.

The American policemen on seeing the event, moved quickly to negotiate between the Biafrans and the rented people of Muhammadu Buhari in order to avoid any confrontation from Nigeria rented crowd, because Biafrans could not hide their emotions though conducted peacefully as they stare severely at the pictures of the dead innocent people slaughtered by the Nigerian security agents on their placards.

The building where Buhari was to make his speech was about 17 to 20 meters from were Biafrans were standing. The peaceful Biafrans were singing shouting, at the loudest top of their voices, while some who were eluded by emotions let out a free roll of tears. All these were solemnly driven from the frustration of Biafrans in the hands of the Nigerian government.

The arrival of Muhammadu Buhari was however unnoticed as Biafrans drew all attention from people with their voices heard over the megaphones and other devices.

At this Juncture, the Muhammadu Buhari rented crowd all disappeared into thin air. The force generated by Biafrans had subdued them into running away for their consciences were already beating the hell out of them. At the latter end, they were seen sharing the peanuts given to them by Muhammadu Buhari.

Biafrans engaged a lot of American citizens into discussions, exposing the atrocities melted on Biafran people by the Nigerian government and her security agents. Also, a high profile lawyer in the United state of America was engaged by one of our own, the details of his conversion were nothing different from the plight of Biafrans.

There was a presence of some foreign media which include the voice of American, BBC, CNN.

Our correspondent also encouraged people who are victims of the harsh and malicious treatment of the Buhari administration in Nigeria especially members of IPOB to be less worried over the fact that President Donald Trump could not mention the issues surrounding Biafra, stating that the Christians referred by the American President were the Biafrans. He further said that no right-thinking person should expect president trump to mention Biafra in that meeting with president Buhari.

Also, in that Accord, Mazi Aiden Dillion had written this in a bid to clear in outmost perseverance;

"You must understand how international diplomacy works, Biafra is at the winning side in Washington DC.

Forget the usual scripted diplomatic pleasantries and niceties, this is the real takeaway quote for me from today's Trump meeting with Jubril (Buhari).

“We’ve had serious problems with Christians who have been murdered, killed. We’re going to work on that problem and working on that problem very, very hard,” Trump said.

Check it out on this link:


I was surprised Vanguard newspapers were brave enough to report it verbatim because those were the words of Trump off camera. Kudos to them!

Most Biafrans don't understand how international diplomacy works due to the poor education system in Nigeria.

Anybody expecting Trump to stand up at the Rose Garden to announce Biafrans independence is ignorant of international diplomacy. Those of you that saw how Trump changed color anytime Jubril is talking with know how enraged he was on the inside. I suggest people look at the video clips again to see how Trump was literally toying with the clone from Sudan.

It's a very good day for Biafra and all those facing persecution in the Zoo. Biafrans read between the lines and stop murmuring".


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