■ Author:  Victor Njoku 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ May 8, 2018

Right from inception Nigeria judiciary has been a disgusting and a detesting institution, and have been used as a weapon of injustice because the institution has not delivered justice to anyone since its establishment and existence. In the year 1984 two puritanical and patriotic leaders of the country where arrested and imprisoned for no just course, all because they are a political opponent to the tyrannical ruling president Mohammed Buhari.
Ambrose Ali of Edo state, an innocent and a puritanical leader during his time, was also imprisoned without been found guilty, not minding his health condition. It is quite obvious and odious that the judiciary that supposes to be protecting human right and to interpret the law are now the ones misinterpreting the law and this is because they are working to please the executive arm of the present Nigeria who's government has as a mandate to forcefully Islamize the country through whatever means and have been tacit about the human right violation in the country.
Also remember the energetic environmental activist who rigorously and vigorously campaigned for the clean up of his dear fatherland, which was polluted and degraded. Of course the pollution and degradation of Ogoni land was caused by the activities of lazy Nigerian government who only depend on oil for their survival. On Nov 10th 1995 Ken Saro Wiwa was arrested tried and was sentenced to death by hanging. What was his crime? He expressed his right of freedom of expression, indeed Nigeria judiciary is opprobrious to the world judicial system.
Of recent a court of competent jurisdiction sitting in Abuja presided over by Justice Binta Nyako granted the leader of IPOB conditional bail, which he was enjoying till Sep 28 when the military engaged and embarked on a murderous raid in the house of Nnamdi Kanu which left 28 people dead and the whereabouts of Nnamdi Kanu is still unknown. We will all remember that he was granted bail by court of competent jurisdiction and his bail condition was never been revoked and there was no order to rearrest him by the court, and the court have been playing game with this ugly event that left meny people dead.
With all this issues bothering around the evil contraption Called Nigeria I can now come to the conclusion that Nigeria judiciary is a weapon of injustice and opprobrious to the world judicial system, Mohammed Buhari have infiltrated the judiciary and must be called to answer for his crimes no matter the state of immunity he enjoys. Because under him lives has been lost and thus it has not stopped. Edited by Ezekwereogu John
Publisher. Udeagha Obasi FOR UMUCHIUKWU WRITERS
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