By Okwunna Okongwu

This childish, senseless, and baseless concoction by the murderous British lying machinery called the satanic BBC is a clear confirmation of the fact that the phenomenon and modern day enigma called Radio Biafra has shredded both the predatory, exploitative, cruel, greedy, and covetous Britain and its terroristic proxy, the abominable aberration and British inhumanity called Nigeria. 

In the desperation of satanic Britain to attempt to douse the wildfire of the Radio Biafra demolition exploits, the evil Britain craftly established the so-called BBC IGBO, to see if they could by any means change the narratives about the already exposed British accumulated atrocities in Biafra, and in Africa. 

Otherwise, why is the so-called BBC IGBO centered solely on maligning, smearing, desecrating, denigrating, and tarnishing the image of Biafra and Biafrans? 

What positive, not to talk of favorable news about Biafra and Biafrans has come out of the so-called BBC IGBO? 

Can't you see that they have been combing the whole of Biafra land, and even beyond, going to the extremes of the evil forest called Nigeria, to fish out, and possibly manufacture any obscene news so long as it paints Biafra, and the Igbo in particular, in bad perspectives. 

Does anybody still need to be told that the specific mandate of the lair-ological BBC IGBO was, and still is, to rescue evil Britain, together with its criminal proxy called Nigeria from the suffocating stranglehold of the impeccable and unassailable truths being dispensed from the modern wonder called Radio Biafra? 

No matter how many mallam Okoroawusas, how many Alhaji Musa Ikpeazụs, how many Mohammed Nurudeen Nwodos, Alhaji Ibrahim Devil Umarus, Emir Okezie Ahmeds, and Sheikh Abubakar Wikes they put their satanic words in their mouth to malign Biafra and Biafrans, everybody can see that they have failed even before take off. 

Has anybody wondered why the murderous, tyrannical, genocidist, exploitative, and predatory Britain, through their criminal, distortive, and deceitful machinery, the BBC, can go to as far as the hinterland of Bornu state to fish out the so-called Mama Boko Haram, but have not even reported for once, the carnage unleashed on Biafrans by the Buhari, feudal and federal militia called Fulani herdsmen? 

Has anybody wondered why the 'investigative" BBC has not even been able to trace one federal militia, their sponsors, their financiers, their supporters, or their strategists? 

Evil Britain, using its devilish BBC, in collaboration with their Lagos Ibadan expressway brown envelope gutter media, is only trying to recover whatever little it can of its tattered image by presenting Biafra/Igbo in the bad image so as to reduce the intensity of the consuming fire of the Biafran restoration tsunami. 

But murderous Britain has failed totally because the more it tries to smear Biafra, the more it exposes its atrocities to the world, thereby sparking and sustaining world opprobrium, to its eternal devastation. 

Let it be known to criminal Britain that because of its unparalleled atrocities towards Biafra, it (Britain), remains irreversibly and irrevocably cursed. 
The world will CERTAINLY WITNESS the doom that will befall murderous Britain. 

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. God bless Biafra. 

Come quickly Oh Biafra. 
All hail Mazi Nnamdi. All hail Biafra. 


Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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