By Chidi Aloysius Nwosu (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Okezie Ikpeazu, who was singularly appointed to govern Abia state, by his godfather, T.A.Orj, in 2015 now, pays back the masses for not voting for him in 2015. Ikpeazu has embarked on the demolition of people’s houses, businesses and properties in the name of expanding roads and roads construction. He started with Aba because Aba people never voted for him. In fact, he lost in Aba because Aba resisted the rigging.

In Aba, he has demolished buildings at Umule road in the name of expansion of the road but after the demolition, the road was not expanded. The next demolition was the road from Ibere through Ohazu to Ozuomba road; in this case, after demolition, the road was abandoned and flooded. In Isuzu road also houses and other properties of the inhabitants were demolished and abandoned. The same demolition happened in Faulks road.

The recent and ongoing demolition is that of Port Harcourt road where almost seven hundred buildings have been demolished and more are currently being demolished. That road is a trunk A road, which means it is a federal government's road and it’s rumored to be expanded from two lanes to four lanes road and the contractor handling the construction of the road marked out eighteen feet from the drainage to be removed but the government of Okezie increased it to twenty-two feet and it is being supervised by the commissioner of works and housing to make sure the twenty-two feet marked is recovered.

In all these demolitions, no single person is compensated and the most wicked act is that the owners used his money to hire labourers to do the demolition and the owner will pay after the demolition, the owners pay as much as five hundred thousand Naira and if you refuse to demolish the property with your money, the ministry of works and housing will come and pull down the entire building. The intention behind all these demolitions is to punish the inhabitants of Aba for not voting for him during the last election and also to tell the people of Aba to vote for him in this coming election because if they do not, he will still win by rigging, and then will destroy more properties in Aba.

Okezie currently owes nine months salaries to the civil and public servants, not minding the three times that bailout funds have been given.

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